1. big city department. we’re all paramedics and FFs working in the same house.

  2. yea happens to me, it’s so fucked feels like i just took mushrooms or something

  3. i have it daily and have had it for years, really bad. got an MRI on my brain and it came back totally normal

  4. firefighter for a busy city department. best job in the world

  5. So there's one mystery solved. Now how to find out on what "stage" is tuned for will be really tricky 🤔 and you can't run it without a tune becuse you're missing the AP. I would say buy the AP and get a flash tune with it.

  6. i just purchased a cobb AP from cobb with one day shipping cause this is driving me crazy lol i’m gonna buy a flash tune from stratified with my mod list

  7. NGK 6510 from tuneplus.com will do you right, make sure you get them pre gapped and don’t touch them… also torqued down to I think 13-15 lbs

  8. I ran a set on no tune for over a year, and that included heavy autocross use. Zero issues.

  9. That's awesome! Any idea how much your setup weighs? How far have you towed with it? I've been thinking about pulling an ultralight teardrop trailer with mine, but all I've hauled so far is trash to the dump on my harbor freight utility trailer

  10. weighs about 1k lbs. this weekend i towed them 4 hours to go camp and boat. had absolutely no issues. a teardrop camper you won’t even notice that you’re pulling it

  11. That's awesome, I was nervous about towing since Ford didn't bother to rate it. But seems like they haul pretty good!

  12. yea i barely even notice the jetskis when i’m pulling

  13. straight stream disrupts the thermal layer a lot more

  14. where’s that air box thingy from? looks clean

  15. No box means more noise and more air. Also means less fresh/cold air from outside the engine bay and more hot air from the engine bay. Probably can see an increase in idle air temps but less noticeable at speeds.

  16. i’ve been looking into intercoolers. i don’t really rag on it that much just a few quick pulls to whip around traffic everywhere once in a while is an intercooler worth investing in? and any brand recommendations that are reliable and look dope? lol

  17. I’ve never had one of those before I usually replace mine though. That one probably doesn’t need to be replaced more than it does cleaned. So I’d recommend compressed air and a warm soapy bath.

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