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  1. Ooh, now you’re testing me….. dark hair, gets into fisticuffs with another cop over the state of the cruiser?

  2. He’s from “We own this city”

  3. Gotcha, I have just not had the time to commit to the level of focus I expect We own this City deserves.

  4. It’s sorta a miniseries. Worth a watch but not essential. Dramatization of true stories about the Baltimore police departments dysfunction. Wayne Jones is just as nasty and awful as they come.

  5. This musta been some kind of test flight today? Only an hour, only 20000 feet…

  6. If we don’t extend him he’s gone. Braves won’t compete with the market on free agents.

  7. The Braves aren't paying a 30+ year old pitcher $250 million bucks. full stop. enjoy him while we got him. and at this point hes not taking one of these team friendly extensions...

  8. It’ll be sketchy on 7% grades depending on what year expedition.

  9. hes got a newer one with the ecoboost and 10speed transmission. that thing will find a perfect rev range, build boost and F'in scoot.

  10. Yeah I had a 5.4 f150 for a long long time and I wouldn’t want to be towing anything of significance behind it on a 7% grade ( up or down). Newer models should handle it nicely !

  11. that 6speed trans makes a world of difference compared to the older 4speed ones.

  12. IMO letting the open derail your training if you are a casual for health and fun athlete and not trying to 'peak for competition season' is silly... or maybe missing the point is a better word than 'silly' but... unless you're a top 0.1% level competitor, there's no sense getting too worked up over the open and your results. just my $.02

  13. Yeah, definitely not worried about my results this year since I'm still recovering from a loss of strength from an accident last year. I just don't want to feel like I'm dying more than usual during the Open workouts 😅

  14. They’re all just workouts. Scale appropriately and achieve fitness! 🙂

  15. just fuckin wing it. no one else is going to get time to practice with this device so just yolo it and go have fun! :)

  16. hard pass. I hate that fuckin song.

  17. He’s definitely gone once he hits the market, which barring a major injury/catastrophic cliff fall in performance he will definitely opt to. He’s an elite number 2 lefty starter at worst and maintains one of the best pitches in baseball. He’ll be 31 and his career stats will mirror or best Strasburg’s who got 7/245 at the same age, and Fried is definitely a safer investment from a health standpoint. 6/200 is probably where it starts if he does what he has for the next 2 years, and we don’t commit 200m or more to over 30 pitchers, and probably for good reason. West Coast guys also just don’t value the Braves brand like other US prospects do. AA saying he will compete for Max really only means he will offer a quality long term contract that will undoubtedly be beaten by big market teams that can’t develop their own pitching. Let’s just enjoy him while we can.

  18. because all the rules are arbitrary and made up.

  19. That’s a $6k Jeep. All day…

  20. lotta salt peper and garlic powder.

  21. Tsunami Spin is another good one. I know the owner Chris, great guy who sincerely loves what he does. We have almost everyone of his mixes.

  22. I keep hearing raves for that one but haven’t personally tried it!

  23. Im in the flight path north of Dobbins and was finally able to catch a glimpse of it climbing directly over my house last week.

  24. honestly, havent ever imagined that I had much use for sous vide, but this is a use case that makes sense.

  25. i would love to be a fly on the wall for a day or more of wash's infield drills/practice

  26. i suppose you're not running it like it sits in pic 3 with no floor pans... correct?

  27. oh no, whatever will we do for hte next 6 years???

  28. This happened in my wife's Explorer when I foolishly left Summer windshield washer fluid in over the winter and tried to run the rear washer.

  29. I used to work with a guy who is in that top picture. He had a color version of it on his desk in a state office LOL

  30. I know we COULD go 0-12 but realistically we'll win a game or two somehow. The historically awful Louisville basketball team got a conference win against GT last night so it's possible for even the worst teams to win once and avoid futility.

  31. Whew I remember seeing them win a national title live and in person not THAT long ago.. 😳

  32. rookie here- what does this do for your body? how many reps?

  33. i went to an oktoberfest once and saw a polka band play achy breaky heart.

  34. Anything from Rednex (known for Cotton Eye Joe) or Hank Williams III. Rednex is like country mixed with techno and HW is very very honky tonk.

  35. No it does not but that's all mods I can do.

  36. a transmission cooler will be the biggest thing missing from not having a tow package.

  37. During COVID I paid like 20 bucks for travel insurance on some tickets that were almost a thousand dollars. It's not really a scam but you're playing yourself if you buy it every time. Depends on the cost of insurance and the cost of tickets, as well as the likelihood of something happening where you can't go. Even before COVID it was occasionally worth it, especially for big expensive trips

  38. we had an air B&B visit canceled by a hurricane. lost 4 nights pre paid and didnt see a penny back. 😵

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