1. I’ve seen acid exactly like this, but you can’t know till you test it! My dealer called this micro dots and they tested for lsd only, but it can have anything

  2. A lot of stim addicts have ADHD, and people with ADHD (I’m diagnosed) tend to demonstrate their interest by telling stories that they relate

  3. I’ve experienced delusion of sobriety when holing on kittyflip, was so high that I forgot I took something and just assumed that was my reality, pure bliss

  4. This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard 😭😭

  5. I’m on K and it took me around 5 minutes to understand the post

  6. Okay, so it can be less than 200ug, but still I think it’s a wise choice for a first time! A couple months ago a friend of mine said he wanted to try LSD, but he’s not experienced with drugs at all, and never tried any psychedelic, so I got a couple tabs, for both of us, but I got them from a plug who had 90-100ug tabs (I usually take 200) and told my friend it was going to be weak. He definitely found it underwhelming, but found it interesting, and wants to try an higher dose, but now he knows that he likes the feeling and will probably enjoy his second time much more! So give a small dose a try, you probably won’t be tripping hard, and the visuals will be more CEVs, but it’ll be definitely enough to know what LSD feels like

  7. The most psychedelic experiences I’ve had on K was when mixing with MDMA, it’s really one of my favorite combos

  8. I think you mistaking Ghb for Gbl no? With Ghb you need around the double amount, it‘s different. 1ml is a normal dose for Gbl, 3ml would be way too much for someone with low/normal tolerance.

  9. I’m aware that with GBL you need way less than GHB, but when I’ve read multiple times people talking about that dose with GBL, that’s why I was confused

  10. I‘ve used a fair amount of Gbl on a weekend to weekend basis and never dosed more than 1ml/h but still managed to collapse rather frequently, I think some people are just more sensitive to it than others. But you‘re right, I‘ve seen people recommending 2ml+ doses, for me and many others that would also be way too much Imo.

  11. I also used to collapse easily on those doses, but now I extend the time of the redose to avoid that, unless I want to put me to sleep after a night of stims

  12. is this a troll post? if it’s serious no. unless you are taking antidepressants. but even then it’s a maybe. or your shitface drunk. even then it’s very rare. your not going to get ss unless you have an interaction with another medication.

  13. Is a serious post, but I’ve read there’s interaction between DXM and 4-mmc, I was just wondering if a low dose of DXM would put me in any risk

  14. at a dose that low you would not be at risk. though 4-mmc does raise serotonin levels almost 950%. at a low dose of both medications you should be fine.

  15. I think you’re confusing antisocial with asocial. Being antisocial means you have an antagonistic attitude towards social situations. An example of antisocial behavior would be something like a school shooting. Asocial is not liking social situations, where you’re introverted and have anxiety associated with social situations. Lots of people make that mistake.

  16. I should not have made that mistake since my best friend has ASPD, but pls, don’t think everyone with ASPD wants to engage in those crimes! But yeah, asocial would be the word to describe it and thank you for correcting me!

  17. No!!! I didn’t! And I’m proud of myself 🥰 Edit: thank you for asking ❤️

  18. The most intense and realistic hallucinations (if that’s what you mean) I’ve ever had was on MDMA + Ketamine, once I was in my bedroom On this combo, holing, and when I started to get out of the hole I realized that the whole time I was in a beach inside a warehouse with a chihuahua, and for that moment it made complete sense and I was so happy just there sunbathing

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