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  1. I found a nickel on a sidewalk, what you’re expecting me to say that I nutted to this or something?

  2. No 😭😭😭 you could tell me more ab the nickel 😀

  3. I was walking on the streets and found a nickel, it was fairly new circa 2021. Someone probably dropped it and now I’m 5 cents richer. Not a lot but still a personal win if you ask me

  4. Hey, I pick up coins. Why not? I don’t think I’m too good for a penny. So I’ll say, sick find to you, sir! :)

  5. I mean…you could ask

  6. If i were, id draw you like a french girl all day long

  7. I’d love that so much. That would be so cute 🥺

  8. The sun looks good on you, but really, you look fantastic all the time.

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