1. Alright so here’s a little bit of a wild card. Outward.

  2. Would you recommend buying the definitive edition?

  3. Thank you for your suggestion! It seems like a game with quite the learning curve, but satisfying once mastered, sounds interesting.

  4. Necro's rotation is... an acquired taste, so I prefer Warden my self. I also prefer the visual theme of Warden as well, my madgen has a bit of a druid vibe going which I like.

  5. Kindly explain why you mean about the rotation?

  6. Necros are a very tanky class without vamp. Stage 3 vamp just helps make it more so as you approach death and execute range allowing you a chance to use your powerful heals to top you back off.

  7. It’s definitely a noticeable difference. I made my High Elf necromancer a vampire and I found myself running out of magicka quicker than normal. If you were to make a necro vamp, I’d recommend doing it with a Breton as their racial passives will counteract the cost increase of abilities that vampire brings about

  8. Thanks for the advice! Luckily I am using a Breton and always prioritize racial skills!

  9. Can help out. Karma is grand. Pass 7235, church of ellah. I'll set sign there. Can't see upgraded weapons though. So can only mule base weapons if muling weapons.

  10. Sign set, character called Lanier and wearing nomadic merchant attire

  11. Easiest place is to do download the bdo app

  12. Yup. Can also access the central market. If you are new there is a thread for coupon codes somewhere in here, might be worth checking if all have expired. Some good stuff in them

  13. Struggling with this app, is there a way to do it on the game?

  14. Right now i dont have any but in 3 days I’ll have one available if you wanna wait

  15. Was he the monk who wrote over an important scientific paper that set the world back by 400 years in technology?

  16. i got 7 types of souls at 699 and 2 other no duplicated and i need the Champion soul

  17. Are you able to upgrade a weapon from +3 to +5?

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