1. Also asking questions is a gamble: will it be autodeleted and damned to the megathread nobody checks? Will it be downvoted and ignored or even insulted due to reasons unknown? Will it be deleted for being a "repost" of a question from over a year ago? Or will it be answered just very poorly? The world may never know and there's only 1 way to find out!

  2. Or you get an unoriginal joke answer that gets upvoted to the top despite not being helpful at all.

  3. All it really shows is how ignorant, immature, and childish you if that's all you need (the ability to show how ignorant, immature, and childish you are)...then congrats I guess.

  4. The issue with cyberpunk wasn't that it was bad, it was that it was unplayable filled with bugs. They are getting resolved but I still think there next patch will really turn it around, the reason people are playing it now is because of the netflix show tho.

  5. is a decent game but still a shadow of what it could have been.

  6. Oddest place to humble-brag but go off I guess

  7. You may be overqualified for the positions you’re applying to. Most of them won’t tell you why to avoid lawsuits and to save time. It’s generally due to how they think you’ll fit with the team/company. I have sat in many interviews in the hiring role, and my boss would often turn down people purely on personality or if he thought they were going to be “too much work”.

  8. If I am overqualified, why the hell even invite me to the interview in the first place?

  9. Who the hell cares? What OP wants to show is perfectly visible so stop being obnoxious.

  10. Yeah, it is BS. Half the games offered can be played on a damn toaster.

  11. What about all the other beverages?? This is just two categories

  12. I don't think you can group all alcohol together, some cocktails just taste like juice and are really nice. My favourite one is venom

  13. I don't necessarily think that anything that sparks discussion is 'low effort', even if it's just a photo or drawing with little extra commentary.

  14. We will do our best to phrase the rule to be as clear as possible, but sometimes it is very difficult to determine if something is within the rules or not. We usually lean towards allowing 'borderline' posts though.

  15. The first one is a lie, the second one is also a lie, and the last one is actually yes.

  16. I called people assholes out of frustration. Whole world of difference between that and what he did.

  17. The Punisher logo though. I did not read the comics, but I am fairly sure he would not think highly of keyboard warriors and internet tough guys.

  18. Omg yess eggs are awesome!! I looking cooking eggs in different ways. What's your preferred method of cooking eggs?

  19. Scrambled. Everyone can make acceptable scrambled eggs but it takes some effort to make really good ones. I use butter instead of fat and add some salt and, if I feel like it, a pinch of black pepper.

  20. Does Geodude beat the shit out of you if you accidentally step on him while hiking?

  21. If you're winning in the air: just use any divison you like because air supply.

  22. Do I need to take Suez to make the UK fuck off or is Gibraltar enough?

  23. Most of you don't have the Will power for the Shower Focus 😜

  24. Did you really say 'Just take a shower, bro' unironically? 😂

  25. Dated a girl for a while. She had Panick attacks because of a trauma in her past. I was always there for her. We communicated day and night. I suffer from anxiety too and one day I called her to tell her that if I was texting a lot she could let me know. I have heard that before and I was getting anxious over that. She hears me say that and says “you know we are not a thing, right?”

  26. if it's part of your living quarters then sometimes you do, the same could be said about any room in a house, you don't live in your bathroom but you do because part of your daily living is in that particular room

  27. Holy crap, just take the L and stop with mental gymnastics. 💀

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