1. I feel like reading about Uvalde kinda broke me. I’ve felt near constantly angry since then.

  2. I feel relatively calm and content most of the time, but it took a lot of anger and heartbreak to get there.

  3. When I worked in a hotel, middle class guests were the worst. Richer ones were respectful but somewhat distant while poorer (relatively speaking) were usually really nice.

  4. But, you'll meet a girl who likes to hang out in bars. If you have zero interest in drinking or bars, you'll probably not meet a good match in one.

  5. Okay, how do I approach in a library or an art gallery without coming off as a weirdo?

  6. You can't. That's the problem. I've been thinking about this recently, because I might want to start dating in four or five months. I think the best way is to join groups on a site like meetup. That way, you'll be meeting people with similar interests, and the whole point of meeting up is to talk to them.

  7. Meetup is dead where I live. I have one hiking group that meets every two months or so and that is it.

  8. Translation: I gave my best years to a series of Chad's and now I'm giving you the opportunity to take care of me emotionally and financially

  9. Nah, it is a mandatory rite of passage for new players. We've all been there.

  10. Ummmmm, you get to level 10 or higher by the time you reach the strip going the long way. Not really little xp.

  11. Also, I don't understand the hate towards reddit. For me, it's mostly enjoyable even outside of this subreddit.

  12. Niche subreddits are fine, it is the mainstream reddit that is a shithole, especially political subs. Not saying that because I disagree with them, I find many redditors I agree with politically obnoxious too.

  13. Well, there are forced (?) convos with Jill and Sage at beginning of ep 1. Jill is a definite "fuck no" but maybe Sage secretly has a kink for misogyny and poor hygiene?

  14. So sick of having Tate's (among others) hate filled misogynistic screeds thrown at me on a daily basis by YouTube when there is NOTHING in my choices on that platform to suggest that this is what I want to hear. Ditto for the racist justifications of slavery I see so often there. Their algorithms are promoting this harmful garbage.

  15. Instagram is even worse. I like some meme about autism and suddenly get bombarded with Tate videos???

  16. I might be mistaken, but isn't such a high suicide rate largely due to men choosing more "effective" methods?

  17. I hope it was Johnny English 2, because he gets coronated in that one. I think.

  18. An actual funny original joke???? On Reddit???? This is crazy

  19. The question is, once we realize that it's a bad take, do we continue to commit to it, or do we allow ourselves to grow beyond it?

  20. I don't actually believe it was a bad take, I just wasn't in the mood for arguing

  21. Maybe, maybe not. Why does a single opinion from xxxSexMan69xxx who likely lives thousands of miles away from you matter to you that much though?

  22. Well that first of all, but second, what calculation/deduction did he use to "come to terms" with the fact that 99.99999999% of the population is not real

  23. He made it up lmao. Are you seriously gonna overanalyze a random 4chan post? 😂

  24. This is a great deal of interactions online today where people think they are “winning”

  25. fool, and I've been milkin' and plowin' so long that even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone

  26. I listen to drone and noise music and eat onions. What will my baby be?

  27. Listening to kids music and watching children’s programming increases the chance of multiples in Sims 3! I had a sim who gave birth to five kids because they both had the fertility bonus trait and I had the radio and tv on childrens the whole pregnancy.

  28. I wanted to try Muay Thai but they are charging way too much for 3 hours a week of training with no sparring, so I will find another hobby. I am considering guitar or salsa dancing.

  29. Wonder if the guy replying fancies himself a "lifestyle guru" with lines like that. Bet he's got a whole bunch of tips for Being The Ideal You™ or something like that and you can get them in e-book format (you can pay with PayPal or bitcoin) from a site that gives "designed a decade ago" vibes.

  30. Anything made by Chuck Lorre might as well be a visual lobotomy

  31. Jill, but I'd get along with everyone except Quinn. She'd think I am too boring.

  32. Really, I hated it. I watched the movie with my younger cousins and the message they understood from the movie was give up on your dreams and become a janitor and mailroom employee (which are seen as blue collar jobs and less paying than others). Have fun convincing your 6 year to not do a profession with a living wage and instead become a UPS worker like the monsters in the movie.

  33. Sure maybe for the early 20-something's/kids who just graduated HS who went to see it, but as far as a kid's movie message goes it feels unnecessary.

  34. I figured it was targeted at people who watched the original and were college age when it came out.

  35. It’s sad and a little hilarious how these dudes idolize a group of people meant to be criticized by their original source media

  36. Hey now, Patrick Bateman has an impeccable skincare routine.

  37. A self-designated "sigma male" is just someone who wants to be a self-designated "alpha" but doesn't have any friends.

  38. Alpha, sigma and beta are all bullshit terms. I am a sugma male.

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