Aw man. 😩

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  1. I have 5 and I'm obsessed. Can't wait for kaleidoscope release

  2. Yep. My asthma medicine....my DAILY asthma medicine (the one I found that actually works) is now almost 200 a month. My insurance won't cover it without my 9k deductible being met unless I up to a premium plan which doubles my monthly payment which.... would cost more. Before this year my medicine was 30 a month.

  3. Your doctor should be able to protest the denial of coverage for you.

  4. Good to know! I'll mention this at my physical thank you

  5. Not sure but theyve just been on sale until the Beginning of february so I dont think theyll be again any time soon..

  6. I wish I wouldnt have either 😂 bought 5 things

  7. Without even paying attention to the Playbill I knew this was the Aronoff. I miss the theatres (and theatre scene) in Cincinnati. Columbus isn't nearly as good!

  8. I remember when it first opened. I'm from Cincinnati so I saw a lot of shows at the Taft before the Aronoff came along, too.

  9. I'm from here too. I don't know if I've actually been to the Taft! Maybe as a small child

  10. I flew up in dec 2021 from cincinnati for dear evan hansen for Jordan fisher reopening weekend. He called out. Stayed 2 nights. Ate bagels, pizza, and Jollibees to save money. Went to Rockefeller, walked times square, ad bought an ornament at fao Schwartz. Took the bus and subway everywhere. After it was all said and done.... prolly about 1k for the two night trip including ticket/flight/hotel etc (Stayed at tba times Square) I think it was absolutely worth it even though the actor I came to see called out. I had an incredible time and had mini weekend getaway with myself. I'd recommend it again and again. There's always little ways to save money here and there to enjoy the full experience

  11. Leida killed someone in a car accident in Japan. Daddy bought her way out of it.

  12. Steet racing accident, I think. Sources have been posted to this sub several times, should be searchable.

  13. Jacklyn was the first alocasia i ever killed. And i have taken care of quite a few alocasia.

  14. I thought this was a The Sims screenshot for a minute...

  15. I've managed to keep alocasia alive with little experience. I've found they like high humidity, distilled water and frequent fertilizing/food. I made the mistake of not feeding mine and found out it can cause the plant to only support a couple leggy sad leaves at a time. Hopefully mine will start to look happier soon, good luck with yours 💚

  16. Distilled water? Oh great. I never use that 😬🤣 guess I'll be buying some

  17. I don't know of this one specifically but most really like humidity and a chunky mix soil.

  18. I don't get it. Why do all of these women move to Muslim countries and have zero clue wtf to expect

  19. I agree. Alot of it looks great but this one looks.... weird. The coloring is off and the deep shading about the baby makes the baby look like it's floating Edit: and the hands!

  20. Woodward Buckeye relief I hated butterfly effect for almost 3 years having my card. Gave them another shot and was pleasantly suprised

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