Rachel and Tino's Argument Transcribed

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  1. I’m reading the divine by girly! I read the first few episodes a long time ago when it was first coming out, but it was my book club’s book of the week so I started it over. I’m liking it so far!

  2. I picked Sign Here and also added on Killers of a Certain Age! I regretted not picking it last month.

  3. It’s so strange to me that Rachel is catching so much flack for this and people are saying ‘team Tino’. This entire conversation is him minimizing her feelings and turning things around on her. As someone who’s been with a guy like that, it set off alarm bells like crazy for me.

  4. I think it’s more of an actions speak louder than words at this point but I think acting like it didn’t happen is the worst thing he can do. If he made a genuine apology on live TV and worked to be better I could see it as a start, but sweeping it under the rug seems like the worst way to go about it.

  5. She also deleted the pink crop top picture about 30 mins before going private

  6. Gabby got her ‘happy’ ending but at what cost???

  7. I hope her people are loving on her tonight. The comments I’ve seen about her are absolutely disgusting. The (not so) internalized misogyny is out in full force and people are saying some truly nasty things about her.

  8. At this point the racism from the Bachelor producers is so obvious and so frustrating. Picking Zach as the Bachelor is so boring and infuriating when there are a PLETHORA of POC men who would do much better in the role.

  9. Mine actually got here yesterday. Which was a nice surprise considering my august book didn’t make it to me until the 29th, lol.

  10. We better get Rachel’s side of this. It better be good. Rachel is composed and poised for the cameras but I really don’t think she’s as fake and phony as Zach is making her out to be. TPTB can’t honestly rake her over the coals this hard and expect gabby to go along with it on press tours. The one genuine thing about this season is gabby and Rachel’s friendship. No way they’re hanging one of their leads out to dry like this and expecting the other one to go along with it/not defend her.

  11. Zach knew he was going home and took his opportunity to look like the victim and make a case for the Bachelor. To me it sounds like Rachel and he didn’t have aligning views and now that makes her ‘inauthentic’ to him— solely because she disagrees with him.

  12. I think Rachel is wildly insecure as well. Tino has told her he loves her so that’s her most secure relationship. Probably a mix of self sabotage and religious differences.

  13. Are the bachelor fans or just taking advantage of the names to blow up the TikTok? Does anyone know

  14. Anna has 12 million followers on TikTok I think she’s fine without using their names for ‘clout’

  15. This is how I feel about Nesta and Cassian. I loved Cassian but Nesta makes me dislike him after reading ACOSF

  16. I was honestly quite worried her and Jacques might rekindle things on the outside. I’m so happy to see her standing her ground and looking so smitten with Adam!

  17. Every single LI from Amanda Michelle is perfection but Clive just hits different 🫶🏼🥲

  18. isnt this the same story where they “knew they loved her since she was a baby”

  19. I just can’t imagine a world where I’d ever leave my dying dog to go on a dating show. Hell, I’d be hard pressed to leave my HEALTHY dog for that long for a dating show… I do not understand the thought process that Hayden went through.

  20. Thanks! I'll have a read:) do you have any good fantasy stories? I've read most of them 😂

  21. Honestly you’ve probably read most of these but here’s the ones I can remember from my favorites tab: Lifelike, The Divine, A Vampire’s Confession, Burning Waves, The Wall, Whiskey, My Alien Lover, Mindreader, Cairo’s Rouge, The Dragon Bride, Black Magic, Cursed Evil Love, Hearts on fire, breaking the Royal kingdom!!

  22. Yes and our custom characters are almost identical I just use different female eyes and a different male face shape

  23. Full Moon by Maranna- both are werewolves. Any story by Julie R- except Loving in Rhythm. The Clumsy Super Girl by Marion- it has superpowers

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