1. Western mfs when they find out lots of Japanese people love the anime King of the Hill.

  2. I love whenever Hank-kun preaches that propane is better than charcoal

  3. She’s remembering all the cringe things she did as a child

  4. Why are you trans? Do you just feel like the opposite gender?

  5. There's also a burnt shack with a note inside that says something about wanting to move due to the dragon crisis but not being able to afford it.

  6. Which dragon lair is this? I have some Justice I need to dish out

  7. In 2017 there was a solar eclipse that stretched through the majority of America, it was really cool. Unfortunately I wasn’t in one of the areas where the moon completely covered the sun but it was still cool to see it nonetheless.

  8. It really sucked for everyone that was in school and weren’t allowed to spend 10 f*cking minutes to witness one of the rarest events in the solar system

  9. Of course I've herd of cows. I'm the one telling you the story!

  10. It's a shame we lost commandments 11 through 69 when Moses tripped whilst bringing them all down

  11. All those stone tablets were pretty heavy, too bad he only made it with two

  12. Est plerumque urina et quidam humores sexuales.

  13. Ah hell nah you did not just say the “y” word with the hard “t”

  14. My husband calls me "Schatje" which translates to "little treasure" in Dutch

  15. Joshiraku is cheating, like Jojo or Gintama

  16. Next thing you know you'll have to haggle for it.

  17. How’d you do it? Did you actually do it bare handed? Nothing but magic and shouts?

  18. Yes. I'm a spellsword so magick is pretty powerful. I just took cover when waiting for regen.

  19. That’s awesome! I always need my warhammer or the sanguine rose

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