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  1. My updates are never forced. Always gotta hunt them muh fuhs out

  2. Has there been any updates the past month? I've only had it for a month and am not familiar with how they do the updates on the mobile app.

  3. Yes, for iOS in the last month they rolled out 4 updates, currently as of 12/6/22 the latest is

  4. Same version of Serato or did you update it?

  5. I really like the white Ghost armour. The variant with the shiniest parts showing. No mask and the plain white headband. It's fair to say I spent all my loot at the white armourer shop

  6. White ghost armor on the 2nd appearance variation (out of 3) is mah jammy jam. Looks rad especially in Kamigata

  7. He sounds like an idiot. Use whatever DJ software you like. I'm a die hard Serato user with 1200's but like you said you can analyze a set in Rekordbox and export to USB and spin directly on CDJ's easily.

  8. Also a daily Safari user on iOS (works well enough) but not a fan of Safari on Mac besides the cohesive look. I gave up on any integrated browsers long ago like IE/Safari and jumped on the Firefox train. Highly recommended.

  9. Any must have Add-Ons apart from the obvious like adblock or dark mode?

  10. Ableton does this well using its Warp mode and then aligning the transients of the track to the grid using warp markers. Back in the early days of Ableton DJing people used this feature to record their tracks in from vinyl and then adjust for the subtle variations in speed that were happening from the mechanical/analog playback of the turntable.

  11. 2nd this. Ableton make it super easy to fix small variations in tempo with the warp markers

  12. I've had this issue before. Try fully deleting the app then reinstall the version you want directly using AppStore++. That usually fixes it. I believe it has something to do with leftover app data.

  13. I'm running Office for Mac 2011 and Photoshop CS5 on Mojave, they work great. Theres a small workaround for Photoshop CS5 I had to do, can walk you through it.

  14. Read their disclosure page, it is the most brutally honest shit you’ve ever seen. Here’s a quote and a link: “DO NOT BELEIVE anything you read in the articles, many of them are way out of date or just plain wrong.”

  15. this was a wild read. "We never accept compensation, unless we do, in which case we'll tell you and then don't believe anything we say because it's probably wrong." lol

  16. Without giving away anything, if you continue to bow in some particular right places you will be rewarded. Look for visual cues that you found one of these spots.

  17. Bowing at certain signs (a lot of the time, ones depicting a man bowing) right?

  18. That's a consolidation base breakdown. I trade this setup every day. Here's

  19. I just read your whole post, amazing thank you!

  20. There is another option to get exact settings on both devices. I've been doing this to save time not having to set up multiple machines the same way.

  21. I have changed the lock screen background using Onyx. Requires an admin password, but works like a charm.

  22. Thanks! Going to try this on Mojave with Onyx, I did it the hard way by changing the Mojave.heic file to a blurred version of my desktop wallpaper

  23. Your phone is not a Verizon phone. Talk to the manufacturer of the device or use the internet. They’re there to sell products - not give technical support for free. What do you expect?

  24. So you buy a TV from Walmart you expect them to also service and repair it for you?

  25. False equivalents. Wal-Mart has never repaired anything except their Auto department and that's tires, batteries, and wipers.

  26. MP3 320kbps 44100 Hz for everything in my library.

  27. Check the wiring. I had an issue where my mixer cross fader was bleeding horribly at one gig and I could not figure out why since it worked perfectly at home and other gigs. Turns out the supplied RCA cables had a short and somehow it was causing issues with the sound.

  28. So are you saying that both their controller and yours (which are the same model) are both having the issue when plugged in at the studio?

  29. Its not weird at all, its awesome you wanted to support. In fact, you may want to consider giving the ticket away to someone who might like to go, bonus karma boost.

  30. You can use the AirFoil app to make an iPhone/iPod a receiver for Airplay

  31. If you already have the app installed and the App Store is just not letting you update to a newer version, you can try to get the latest compatible version with your iOS by

  32. Is is only an issue in v6.4.2 or any other versions?

  33. thanks for the reply, will look into this it looks promising!

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