1. I really dislike Starry's design. It looks very cartoonish and corporate. I can't imagine it ever evoking any feelings. Sierra's logo is very cool and crisp looking. Starry will be easily overlooked. I've never tried Sierra or Starry, but I am upset about the replacement.

  2. I don't understand how you could give a shit about one soda replacing the other when you openly acknowledge you haven't had either.

  3. Afraid? 😂😂 Not hardly. It's nothing but a giant cluster fuck wherever it's done now...

  4. Tell me you aren't actually looking at the results of places with rank choice voting without telling me.

  5. Ok, but you could say the exact same thing about the other side of the argument. That's why this argument is futile. One side will say it hasn't achieved anything (without any evidence) and the other side it has achieved something (again without any evidence).

  6. No, you can't. He is making a positive claim in which case, he needs to provide evidence. If you can't, then you can't make the positive claims. That's how logic works. If you tell me that you own a unicorn, I am in my right to refute that claim until you provide evidence for it.

  7. So you believe in the opposite of his argument or what? Not sure your position on this, other than to just argue for no reason lol.

  8. I believe that he hasn't met his burden of proof and as such, do not believe in his claim. I don't understand what's hard for you to understand here.

  9. To be fair, there's nothing that needs to be announced for this week. The current event ends on Sunday. The spotlight hour for tomorrow is already known. The next raid boss is already known. The breakthrough research is the same as last month.

  10. It doesn't matter. Niantic themselves have acknowledged they wanted to do better at communication and so they should. There aren't any curveballs coming for them so why should we be expected to be on our toes when it isn't necessary?

  11. NTA and don't give her a dime. She's already shown you her true colors in that restaurant. The second she couldn't get something from you, she abandoned you again. Go no contact with her and whatever happens to her is her problem.

  12. Everything is a political action, to a degree, whether you like it or not. The truth is, there's a lot of gray area to play around in and people want things to be black and white in a way that it just isn't. Buying the Harry Potter game isn't a war crime, but we can't ignore that it does enrich someone who's actively working against the rights of minority groups. It's impossible to have an entirely clean conscience, the right thing to do though is to make sure you compensate for the things you can't easily have an effect on by having an effect in areas where you can have a major presence. Watch the WWE or play the new Harry Potter game, but also make sure you've donating your time and money to groups that are working to make sure minorities have the rights they ought to.

  13. If someone invests enough time to watch an entire season of a show and they don't like it, I'm not going to begrudge them for stopping there. Even though I think The Leftovers is a fantastic show, everyone doesn't have to like it. I don't need other people to like quality content so that I can feel validated.

  14. I watched all of The Leftovers because I kept hearing how good it was supposed to be. I think it was kind of a sunk cost fallacy thing. I wish I got it. I feel like I missed out on something good.

  15. I honestly watched the first season a couple of times and fell off before I finally finished it. I really liked it and the ending, but I totally understand if you don't. The thing about art is that it doesn't matter how good it is, there's always going to be someone that it just isn't for them.

  16. Might I suggest you add Dumb And Dumber and Mad Max Fury Road.

  17. God can be. Now demonstrate that he exists.

  18. To my understanding circumcision is frowned upon even for adults not just children, responses against it for being a religious practice or causing loss of sensation.

  19. Circumcision is a bad idea, but that doesn't mean people who say that are trying to stop adults that can consent from doing what they want.

  20. That's a myth. If you're having trouble cleaning because of foreskin, you just don't know how to clean.

  21. You clearly don't understand the reference.

  22. You are criticizing my interaction with another person. You are being dishonest to claim you aren't talking about an interaction.

  23. I really don't care about your opinion about my worldview. Considering that you were discussing my worldview with regards to how I'm interacting with another person, it is blatantly dishonest to claim you're not talking about an interaction.

  24. I agree, but if you're against humiliation, then you should be for getting rid of the Razzies all together. As far as I'm concerned, if our society is going to allow something like the Razzies to exist, it's fair game for everyone that participates in that industry. That said, I have no problem with getting rid of the Razzies.

  25. I don't think there should be age limits. If they're old enough to get paid for it and do it so publicly, they're old enough to be criticized for it. Now, if you want to argue on whether or not the performance should be nominated, that's a totally different discussion.

  26. Magearna and Diancie are in SwSh, and Deoxys is in BDSP, unless you mean Pokémon available by event or caught in the game itself.

  27. There are many of these on the floor but they don't seem to form an obvious pattern. They are either glued or screwed in to the floor.

  28. Is it an open floor layout? If so, maybe it is to help with positioning clothing racks?

  29. One step forward, two steps back. Classic Niantic.

  30. The print shop employee didn't really give him any leeway either.

  31. It's a problem they could fix easily if they just go back to the old way and have the results show up on a TV screen everyone can see. I agree that it was a very dumb decision to make that change.

  32. I can't think back to the older series, but presumably 'the phone' method allows them to capture the contestant's immediate reaction to the outcome better than the tv screen did?

  33. Nope. The old way had the host sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of them and a TV screen facing the contestants to their side. All of the contestants could see the host behind the laptop and the TV screen, which would display the results. You could easily capture the contestants reaction with that setup. The only benefit of their current setup is that the contestant can see it before everyone else does, but I don't see how that is an improvement, especially if the phone screen is going to be so bright that their face lights up with the color of their screen anyway.

  34. Any context? It kind of looks like it is supposed to be mounted to a wall via the hole in it to hold something.

  35. Bummer. Well, good luck figuring it out. Wish I could help more.

  36. From what I remember, it mostly gets you to the peeing quicker, and the sum total vs just drinking water isn't that different? You may end up a little less hydrated but not significantly so.

  37. Less hydrated than you would have been drinking water, but not less hydrated than if you hadn't drank the caffeinated beverage.

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