1. I certainly wouldn't touch it for that price.

  2. 65.1% - B1 66.0% - B2 63.7% - B3 63.5% - B4

  3. Price isn't too bad what's the problem

  4. It’s a good price. That’s what they’re saying. Lol. If those are 750ml bottles I’d pick up a few!

  5. Yeah this is just about retail where I am

  6. I actually had a 30y grouse the other day and was pleasantly surprised

  7. I actually had a 30y grouse the other day and was pleasantly surprised

  8. Solid at retail! Pass at secondary for me. I really want to try the 12cs see if sb does a finish

  9. Pretty tough to say without prices but my guess would be nikka coffee. Solid bottle for cheap. Maybe glenfarclas depending on the bottle.

  10. I don't know if I'd ever buy another bottle at any price! Stuff is awful

  11. Remember the first time I had the PB. Didn't know at first but she sure grew on me. Haven't had anything else quite like it. Spicey little dram!

  12. For me I think piggyback might be the best value rye out there. Good neat, great in a cocktail very versatile and only 40 bux and sometimes goes on sale for less. And age stated

  13. The 10 is okay if you can find a pick at a good price it's worth it. 12 I don't think the price is worth it.

  14. Park Royal Ave Cambie bcls locations probably your best bets id imagine

  15. I've had a Stobcross opened for months now. It's fine - like, I was reading the companies release on it when I first purchased it saying they wanted to try something new with lowland whisky, and honestly, I've had a few pulls and it's just an unassuming, typical lowland whisky. You can tell it's young though - there's not a lot to it. I compare it to another young distillery like Ardnamurchan and there's no comparison - Ardnamurchan's young releases blow the Stobcross out of the water.

  16. Same proofs on the stobcross? I see alot of ardnam are cask strength

  17. If I could take it to auction and buy 3 even better bottles with the proceeds?

  18. If im getting a gift from the father in law in not flipping it on that loserville Waddingtons. I think he'd be offended and rightfully so imo

  19. Bahaha well first off I would never take it to waddington’s. And second you’re not wrong, best case scenario we crack it together. He lives overseas so we aren’t together very often but would be fun to drink when he visits.

  20. Waddington the only auction spot I know of but I think cracking it with the fil is the answer

  21. I can’t remember where I saw it but I read the rumour JP Wisers might have a 40-year release coming.

  22. Wisers always has many releases on the go. Personally wish they spent more time on quality over quantity

  23. Gold spot at 140 is fantastic. I wish that's what I paid

  24. I see it all over the internet for £135. Good on anyone for getting for that cheap =)

  25. Ya I definitely overpay at like 300 cdn 🤦‍♂️

  26. No I'm literally drinking cough syrup because I'm sick. No whisky for me tonight.

  27. Occasionally they have an allocation lottery on their vintages website(

  28. Yeah I got screwed out of a bunch of key clutches because of the stupid glitch and all my questions to Activision were useless

  29. Waddingtons is not where you should ever go if you want decent value. You will be hosed, period.

  30. Was trying to kill my bottle of 1870 at a friend's house. Need the shelf space and a few bottles gotta go.

  31. You'll actually save money driving all the way out to Alberta and getting stuff here. The Highway Robbery in BC and Ontario is jawdrippong......does that misspelling work? I'll leave it.

  32. Why would you drive when you can ship from most of the ab online stores?

  33. I got a ton of gin notes on the nose and even the front of the palate. Strikes me more like a barrel aged gin than whiskey until bourbonesque notes creep in mid/back palate

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