1. Lmfao oh man this is literally the best meme about their situation. I heard it all in their voice

  2. Oh man I’m so bullish on Gamestop and the future of gaming good lord

  3. You can't make the sport less stupid by spamming how it originated. I'm guessing you've been hit in the head a few times as well...

  4. Unless you have to give your social within your wallet to access, there is no way to track what you spent/earned with NFTs. Do with this info what you will…

  5. How would you explain the money you make from sales to the irs?

  6. Oohh I got it! Thank you for explaining that ❤️ I’m saving this comment for the future

  7. can I ask you were your nickname comes from? it has a meaning in my city :)

  8. Boca Juniors, I don’t know the history behind the nickname tho

  9. it means "from Genova" in my local dialect, it makes sense because there was a huge influence from Genova people to Argentina.

  10. Yeah I actually looked it up after answering lol yeah Boca was founded by Italians, make sense

  11. What does this have to do with gamestop? Stop posting crap like this plz

  12. He was through on goal and physical contact of the man not the ball.

  13. This is true but just watching it again LOL catches up to him to just shoulder him from the back 💀

  14. You are right and I am going to but not in this game. I thought this was the sub for FIFA, I didn’t know more than 1 soccer game existed.

  15. Do your parents know you’re burning 5g’s?

  16. Well they give me spending every month on top of my wage but they aren’t too bothered what I spend it on. I don’t think they’d be too fussed if I they knew tbh, it’s not that much.

  17. Bruh lmfao even if I’m a millionaire fuck it trillionaire, no way I’m spending that much on a game 💀

  18. Not a squeeze though. Nobody paid this amount for a share it was just too many reverse splits

  19. Like ken said, big lies only survive as long as things stay stable.

  20. Idk we’ll see. Everyone has been wrong on the timeline but I know the information is correct so I wait and hold

  21. For me, either outcome is fine. Either I have more time to drs even more shares for my collection, or things get wild fast. Both would make me happy.

  22. Ya I have more shares than I ever thought I would have, recently became a dad so I can’t buy shares like I would before but I’m hodling

  23. I'm literally going to hold at least 1 share minimum for 100mil. Fuck you, Ken.

  24. Yeah me too 🙌🏻 don’t know whats gonna happen but I want to find out

  25. Fabinho has been playing terrible. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE IS RATED SO HIGH

  26. That boca 🥹❤️ i see Serna, Battaglia, bermudez, samuel 😻

  27. I know quite a few people that started to support or at least like West Ham after they saw green street hooligans and I’m not event from England

  28. Newcastle from the movie goal. I remember that club got a following from the movie

  29. It takes place in NYC where there is a chinese takeout at every corner

  30. I really like that they have a system to weed out the serial rage quitters and stick them all together. Play the match or don’t play at all.

  31. Why should I waste time playing against an obvious script? Last time I quit was because every time I would go on the attack, my players would lag and passes would be delayed. Fuck that shit

  32. lol bad connection isn’t a script silly 🤦‍♂️

  33. Yeah I know, I want to play a footy and this one is free. I played it to see if it got better, found it got worse. I’ll play it again in a few months though

  34. I’d have to see the money in person. No backsies.

  35. I experienced this yesterday after not playing for a while and just gave the guy the win and quit. Not worth the stress 🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. why would i? in 2nd half i use rodrygo and di maria as wingers, and i feel no difference at all.

  37. “Look at my team, the same as everybody else’s”

  38. Well, don't make that difference tbh, even with without wingers Neymar and Messi will stay most of the time on the wings, I use neymar as ss bc his playstyle don't activate there (I don't like creative playmaker), and use Messi at cf/SS because this version is deep lying forward, and only activate as cf/ss. Timber I use as CB because he can't play at Lb and with offensive threat.

  39. El Boca de Falcioni era solido en defensa, pero jugando era horrible. Llegamos a la final por Román tirando toda su magia.

  40. Riquelme Y Mouche pero en la final nos comieron vivo

  41. Tambien tiene que ver con que Roman tenia que ser el centro de atencion de la final, capaz si no habia tanto bardo en el vestuario se ganaba ese partido

  42. Hablaron tanto antes del partido 💀 decian que tenian miedo y que iban a perder 💀💀💀

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