1. I'll take all the inserts (baseball lexicon, bearing fruit, time out, what a steal, inside the park). Looks like 18 total cards?

  2. Opening day is the most expensive and hard to get ticket in most places, and Baltimore takes it extra seriously. $80 seems reasonable

  3. One thing about the foil that not many seem to get - the red foil inserts are 1/256 packs, making it case hit equivalent. Wish the value there was recognized. But maybe you're onto something, as if Topps did a little something extra to these inserts to make them stand out, they'd be worth more. But it seems most don't understand the rarity there.

  4. I think we're talking about different things cause the pack I'm looking at says red foil is 1:3 packs...

  5. Looking for low end George Kirby parallels

  6. I'm Looking for 2022 Topps Archives card 348 Draft pick Mckenzie Gore Padres (looks like a 2005 draft pick card) Its the LAST card i need to complete the main set. Ive got a /99 of the card id be willing to trade for it. Im offering 35 cash or The /99 or a Rodger Clemens of the same set Ive got a vidal Brujan as well (same series of short prints)

  7. Fucking RINOS. First they get the ball rolling, then the outright commies move in and give the once free states the final death blow.

  8. Communists are in favor of gun rights. I believe you are thinking of liberals.

  9. Show me a usual communist country in favor of gun rights for its subjects…

  10. Well there aren't really any communist countries left since the US won the cold war, but please take a look at how every communist revolution happened (guns in the hands of the people), Marx's own words on guns (“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary”), and the fact that there are actually no communists in American politics so they can't actually be doing anything w/

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