1. I smell the freshly cut, crisp new bills…. Mmmmm, smells heavenly.

  2. Also known as start deleting any incriminating evidence NOW!

  3. Hahahaha exactly how I read that. They can’t be fucking serious? SEC is a fucking joke.

  4. Why do people magical assume that HFs are randomly going to follow the law?

  5. Awww shit, good to see familiar names here. How you dooiiiiiiin.

  6. Everyone keeps saying this but yet the only time I’ve heard this is when folks say “this is why they’re trying to get you to sell your amc for ape”.

  7. It's everywhere. No idea how you didn't see it unless you rarely visit the sub.

  8. Man, there is absolutely no wavering my convictions for this play. Hedgies r fukt

  9. It just keeps getting better and better. Those who’ve held on this long have some amazing things coming, in my honest opinion.


  11. This has always been the way. Regardless of any vote or FUD we’re flying.

  12. They have partnered with Shitadel to form a crypto platform but….. you can’t send that crypto to a cold wallet or transfer it off platform to say a self custodial wallet (not your keys not your crypto). That right there should be very scary seeing as what’s happened with FTX n all the others that have used that model where they probably are not buying the asset.

  13. I don’t care for crypto. But when it comes to stocks, Fidelity has been good.

  14. This is the kind of thing that will allow them to blame hackers for moass. Wouldn’t necessarily say this is a good thing.

  15. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they said something as ridiculous as an Egyptian Pharoah rose from the dead and caused markets to tank… 😂

  16. OP, Cut the BS. R/S no good for (almost) any ticker, especially when it concerns stocks like AMC. This dumb ass 🦍 movement promoting a Yes needs to stop. It’s hilarious

  17. This is no ordinary stock. It used to be that while the market bled AMC and GME would fly up…

  18. It’s fair to question anyone. Not everyone is a shill, but they are among us. But I feel like my posts should make it pretty clear that I’m a real ape. You can believe what you want, but I have been trying to be a part of this sub for awhile. Idk if it was a karma issue or what, but it wasn’t until after I sent a message to every mod that I was finally able to participate in this sub. Go look through my comments too. Since being able to post here, I have been doing all I can to combat FUD against AMC and AA.

  19. It’s all good man. The important thing is that you think for yourself and don’t follow anybody’s narrative blindly. The FUD has been insane and I get being skeptical. The buy and hold strategy is the only thing I trust undoubtedly. Much love

  20. Man, I’ve noticed so many nobodies popping out of holes talking shit about AA and about the entire RS and Ape and everything. I’ve never seen so much negativity toward a company that’s obviously doing so well. Movies are bringing in more than $2B, like, $2,000,000,000+!!!! The industry is growing and We’re here for it. We’ve got this.

  21. May not be fud. They may just be really dumb and not like money.

  22. At that point does it matter? I mean no offense, there are some not so smart people but to be that stupid? That person has to be trolling.

  23. Because it's not about percentage, it's about total number.

  24. AMC’s fundamentals are terrible and everyone knows this. They aren’t cash positive and they aren’t going to be anytime soon. Opposed to diluting, selling, and literally snatching funds from its shareholders pockets, they should act in ways that’ll actually raise the stock price- the only real hope they have at paying off their debt is the short squeeze. It’s what saved them to begin with. Look what’s happened. Antara capital gets in, sees over 200% returns through APE. Adam Aaron has had every chance to do SOMETHING and he’s only fucked us all over.

  25. Open your eyes, most people are down 70-90%. “Everything that happened was good” obviously not. The ceo is not reducing the float smh you need to read the doc and understand what the plan is… they’re using ape to dilute the float further

  26. Not sure, worth knowing. I think the comment karma is the only prerequisite for both posting and commenting. There was someone that posted allier with 1 post karma and a few thousand comment karma and it allowed it.

  27. Oh, that’s ridiculous. Yeah the karma requirement should definitely be going up.

  28. Negative. There are other means. Look at Kat Stryker for example who has been very vocal for us.

  29. I know who she is. She's been amazing bringing attention to this whole thing.

  30. I agree with that, I think it could have shot up by now.

  31. Everyone worried about R/S and share count aren’t even considering a future forward split, sparking FOMO 2.0, acting as a whale call, a bullhorn, a fucking checkmate. Forward split after debt is erased at reverse split levels, now our shareprice drops back to where was but our BVPS is fucking JACKED. now we are severely undervalued, and the big tutes and whales cover to go long. It’s so fuckin simple. That’s all aside from the potential of a cash divvy once we are cash positive.

  32. Everyone is too short sighted. You have to think long term if you want to win.

  33. They always have been. Some apes are just beginning to grow up and not falling for the bullshit.

  34. Hahahaha they’ve always been sloppy. What irks them most is not that they’re going to lose, but that they can’t faze us with their bullshit.

  35. Sir, you accused redditor Tricky Ad of not being an AMC investor. That's not being respectful. Practice what you preach.

  36. 👍. Lot of people more agitated these days.....with share prices so low, and now this nutty proxy, with conditions that must be met in order for it to pass. It's a lot to endure, having to jump thru more hoops, all to clean up the Ape Share Mess.

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