1. lmao, funniest reddit post I've seen in a while.

  2. Didn't he technically have his own podcast before K? I remember the one with the white room and couch. Shit was way before K. so idk why she gives herself credit for the idea.

  3. that wasn't a podcast and nobody watched that shit. She doesn't give herself credit, he does.

  4. it’s pretty obvious she would often belittle bob and talk down it always irks me. Kind of like a bully but you’re dating. I don’t agree with all the hate for her though, I think she means well it just doesn’t come off that way through the screen.

  5. I always wonder what podcast you people are watching, did you all just start watching in the last 6–12 months? If anyone is the "bully" in that relationship and on this podcast, it's Bobby. Do you intentionally ignore all the awful shit he says about her or her family or the way he treats her, or are you so enamored with him, you genuinely don't notice it?

  6. how can ppl grow up and not have leaned you can't put out an oil fire with water?

  7. dogs don't understand human kisses.

  8. ppl need to stop putting music on these vids.

  9. This is the real tea. She liked the story holy crap. Looks like she got some smoke ready for Steebee as he judged her for Hawaii.

  10. Liking your friend's story isn't tEa. Especially not if it's about Steve which K has no reason to protect anymore.

  11. I was wondering about that too. She said they recorded it, they might not have released it yet or maybe won't at all. I want to see it.

  12. I think their contract with Wondery came into effect with the new year. They might be contractually restricted to certain platforms only now. Or something is wrong with their RSS feed.

  13. The "bigger company" they signed up with is Wondery.

  14. You diligent ones can downvote me like you have the other commenters pointing this out, but it is bizzare to break up and still be sleeping in the same bed, let alone the same room, house, and sharing a podcast.

  15. Buddy, they haven't been sleeping in the same bed or the same room in ages. They're roommates, and why the hell wouldn't they continue doing the podcast? They're friends and basically have been for years without the audience realizing it.

  16. Don't think you've ever had a relationship break-up... 😂 It's the most obvious thing in the world why they wouldn't.

  17. https://giphy.com/gifs/Fw9SIv9Gh2lOg

  18. https://giphy.com/gifs/RCX9vhBZu3oqM5SpwV

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