1. Jade has been wrestling since March 3, 2021. Why is she still so bad?

  2. Because instead of the company giving her time to improve her craft, they strapped a belt to her ass and have her wrestle predominantly squash matches. Do not get me wrong, she’s still over. But now is when they should have put the secondary strap on her not nearly a year and a half ago.

  3. Rain, Reptile, Smoke, Noob, Ermac, Goro, Kintaro, and Motaro are jobbers.

  4. Actually yes. I do. Jobbing is the act of losing a professional wrestling match. Jobber is describes a wrestler who routinely loses matches to enhance other wrestlers. A jobbers primary role is to enhance a talent. Jobbers are the quite far from nobodies as they are designated as very safe workers that can enhance the show and make mid carders and main events look better without risking injury to these stars. So yeah, I know what a jobber is and by describing them as nobodies you don’t.

  5. Could be finish checking.. could be an indication of more extensive body/neck damage..

  6. I know an ex-colonel here in the UK that experienced a great deal of sexual abuse while she was a young recruit. She claimed this is actually worse for the men, they are made to do absolutely humiliating things to each other purely for the sick pleasure of the higher ranked officers. She said this was the tip of the iceberg in the English military. I was gobsmacked.

  7. Not saying that I approve of this type of training but it’s not just to simply humiliate a soldier. These exercises break down the psyche of the recruits. This type of repetitive humiliation breaks down the recruits making them more subservient to command. It’s psychology 101.

  8. I’m actually drinking out of a cup of this image as I type this. I never noticed this even though it’s quite literally been in my face.

  9. I don’t understand why Bray came back. I’d given the proper filter, he could probably write some pretty solid books, scripts, plays. The guy has a good mind for creating weird characters and twisted story arches. I feel that him being restricted by the confines of the squared circle is limited his expression of art.

  10. I was never a fan of Linkin Park as a kid. I know this will get me a ton of heat but I was never a fan of Chester Benington’s voice. And other nü metal acts were doing a lot more shit I was into at the time. The album doesn’t really have a special place in my heart. Glad that fans can pick up this 20 anniversary but I’ll pass.

  11. Can’t wait for the Taco Bell ™ Mountain Dew ™ Baja Blast ™ (“Do the Dew”™) rematch.

  12. Shocks and Saves was tonight? Should have got tickets and supported my fellow Saginaw first responders.

  13. This is illegible on my tv. can anyone else see little to nothing?

  14. Couldn’t see shit on my 4k setup. Especially the last segment with Uncle Howdy and the Firefly Fun House puppets.

  15. That looked like shit on home tv. I wonder how the live crowd felt about that?

  16. Is this the Hacksaw/Iron Sheik of our generation?

  17. Sorta. But Nah. Kayfabe has been long dead and buried for far too long for this to even matter.

  18. I’ll admit for the longest time, kid Sausage thought that Kanyon and Crowbar were one in the same person.

  19. I can’t imagine what the Bucks will look like at age 50’… or Darby

  20. Every time seeing Darby’s spine take the coffin drop makes me cringe.

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