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  1. Freelancer is really hard and requires a good amount of map knowledge to succeed in, I wouldn't try it for a while. Plus it spoils all the maps, it's best to take them in with the story and the well-crafted targets with lots of kill opportunities (the targets in Freelancer are just random people)

  2. Ye I meant once I finish the story I will go freelancer. Maybe il try so elusive but those escalations did just see a bit repetitive since it forces u to kill same person in same way over and over. Didnt really see the point in it

  3. Elusives can be fun, plus you get fun unlocks. Escalations I've never been interested in personally. Some have neat unlocks, but for the most part Freelancer is a better version of the same thing.

  4. Ty for info. I dont wanna miss cool content but with this UI for a new player its pretty horrendous to try figure out what and where that fun content is.

  5. They should have never made a Div2 and just expanded Div1 to all of Manhattan. As someone who loved the first game, Div2 took steps backwards in QOL imo

  6. Darkzone wise Div2 is step back. Atmosphere wise its (arguably) a step back. But literally in every other way the game is leaps and bounds better than Div 1 and improved on it in nearly every way

  7. Play the story first so you can not only learn the mechanics through and through first, but also very intimate map knowledge, you’ll need it in Freelancer. Also Freelancer takes place after the story, so there’s that too.

  8. I recommend playing the story first. Learn the mechanics a bit of the maps and the hop into the freelancer grinding

  9. I wonder what Steve considersslips in his faith, if the belief in a God is the only thing that stops him from doing bad stuff.

  10. Jordan Peterson said the exact same thing literally to Sam Harris face. Even seemingly smart people can say stupid ignorant and insulting shit especially when it comes to religious beliefs

  11. Ye play Void Bastards for now as its closest you will get but there is a game coming thats not out yet that is literally what you want.

  12. Ziggurat is on my list, i don't know the others but i will look into them, thanks

  13. Skip Ziggurat 1 and play 2 its criminally underrated and way better than 1

  14. The Hitman fans are goin nuts about this mode and it looks amazin. I just bought game to play it and Im super hyped

  15. Unfortunately not a huge fan of deckbuilders/card-based games.

  16. Neither was I until Spire..... but 800 hours later here I am

  17. They allowed Assault to have C5? Well, fuck. Guess era of someone grapping on top of your tank or diving on it with wingsuit and blowing it up in a second is still here.

  18. Yes it is but honestly it shpuld be as they are the most fun moments as Mckay and Squirrel girl.

  19. Which is insane to me. Special abilities should’ve never been a thing to begin wit.

  20. Yes we know but its the way they decided to go with it. Play Old BF games if its not for you I guess some of us still like it

  21. Look at the projects its best to do it for those

  22. The way games release thats my approach anyway and I got money to buy these games I just dont know why youd get anything on release nowadays especially for single player games.... seriously whats the rush?

  23. Most likely still going to be a gutted sub par class system.

  24. We already know exactly what it is so not sure why you feel there is any guess work left

  25. I totally forgot Kante exist* man it’s been so long. Please football gods protect his health

  26. Everytime a team walk thru our midfield with not a challenge in sight I remember he exists and just how bad we are without him

  27. Arthur Morgan is one of the best game protaganists of all time.

  28. Ah man i see so many ppl say this but I was so incredibly bored playin that game I couldnt get invested with anyone... painfully slow pacing sucked me right out of the experience.

  29. Prob most underrated winger of all time imo. If he stayed fit who knows where ppl would consider him in all time greats, iv never seen anyone like him and we still have never replaced him.... what a player

  30. Dear 20 year old self, call in sick the day of the Blackburn match. Uriah Rennie is a fuckin cheat and wont even give a foul.

  31. More creativity than our forwards(bar Felix)

  32. Tbf you need an actual runner first , but ye you arent wrong

  33. Ok il rephrase, a runner who can actually control a ball

  34. What? I was agreeing with you. The crashes are the more important problem lol, which they still haven’t fixed.

  35. Guy is sarcastic, you agree with him then he calls u a baby.... god I love reddit

  36. There is a point in tine where there were many options to play if Mount was dropped. Now he just needs to be dropped. The lad needs a rest. He isn't improving and he has regressed. He is physical with poor footballing IQ. Potter didn't help the situation but having him as a favourite. He needs to to reset and then actually play in midfield. Also he should be banned from taking corners

  37. Noone can take corners and altho mount been shocking I agree I still feel like hes our biggest goalthreat from outside box. That shows how far we have fallen but the guy is the only one willing to pull the trigger sometimes and again with all the injuries I just dont see who starts ahead of him. Thats just my opinion anyway

  38. We bought DD Fofana and Bardiashile. But that’s not my point. My point was it doesn’t matter whether he had a say or not, because any manager would have to work what we have and what the strategy involves from new technical directors. So it’s not an excuse and it won’t change no matter who we hire instead. That’s just going to be the deal.

  39. Fair. I meant we hadnt really signed any first teamers and tbh ppl were callin for his head even before those signings

  40. It helps the game fill up so im fine with it otherwise ppl complain about too many bots

  41. Tammy wasnt cursed he was underused and disrespected by Tuchel

  42. Just treat Fatshark and DT like any other AA or AAA " game in 2021/2022. Wait at least a year until its somewhat finished thats what I do now.

  43. I'm not convinced Pulisic has ever been any better for Chelsea than Werner but, like you said, he's hurt so often it's hard to tell.

  44. He has man, was great under frank for a while before scoring and then (you guessed it) getring hamstring in FACUP final after amazin run. Before that injury he was top quality and never been same since

  45. He did have that amazing run post-Covid. I suppose Timo never quite hit those heights, but I found his work rate to be vital to us creating chances back when that was a thing we did.

  46. I agree with everything you just said. I dont think any attacker we have atm are good enough for Chelsea but them being shit doesnt make Werner better he was pants as well

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