1. guess I was wrong. else monday hopium, if not fuck it. wait regular t69 from 10th/11th.

  2. Hmm I don´t get the double top thing. I only see one AH spike on 7th of January on the chart and than crash down. There is no double top 8 days after 7th of Jan? Am I missing something? Read all your DDs, glad I found your sub! :)

  3. that is true, the 8 days are speculative and based on the middle value of all the double tops that have been formed in the past.

  4. Without editing the post: Red Doji Candle finish =)

  5. XRT one of the highest weighted GME containing ETF's is on Reg Sho, so no more XRT shorting for now. Probably why GME dropped so continuously recently on low volume

  6. https://www.nyse.com/regulation/threshold-securities

  7. well, well, well, what do we have here. good snipe.

  8. I been scratching my head on gme as well. I think we might see slight increase early in the week followed by a dip towards the end of this/start if following.

  9. T+69 is starting at around 10th/11th october

  10. Thank you. I do appreciate your updates and theories. Holding my shares and buckled in

  11. Is your gme to 60 thesis by mid oct still on the table? And then t35 from crash?

  12. Interesting. I have been pondering that moass will be how WEF shifts the common person to a cashless society.

  13. the current narrative is that people will wait for "phone numbers"

  14. probably, it depends how the chart looks like

  15. First of all the approach was rude. Couldve handled it a little different. On the other hand, famous people love it when they have some time for themselves. Like joel wanting just to light a cig and chill for a while. Then a kid like you comes and says FIST BUMP!

  16. Did it begin road to 60 it pumped like u said ah, are you still eyeing on 22 or hit 60 after fill 22

  17. 22 is still possible, but I do not care, I already bought

  18. Im tapped out of deployable cash, avg is 90/share presplit and holding some leaps. Just gonna sit pretty now

  19. thats a really good average, better than mine. I sit at 120 presplit

  20. thanks! no problem! happy to share and more happy to discuss and hear other opinions. Thats what I think can grow a society.

  21. Thanks for your post and thoughts. It was my understanding that the store leader employees getting stock would come from the 8 million shares reserved for employee compensation which in turn comes from the remainder of the 1 billion authorized shares we voted on in June at the shareholder meeting. So, I don’t expect price to go up because of that. Those will be just new shares added to the float as and when employees get them and it will be directly registered with ComputerShare as well for them.

  22. Thanks for the info on the shares for the employees, that makes sense.

  23. The SPY is running on exactly the Nov run up. I think these guys internalize every sell until a downturn or they purposely have major runup to get call buying to ensure they have buys to match sells.

  24. So we are filling 22 I think right ? Down until earnings and rocket after?

  25. So I’m kinda cheap and I want to add more shares and lower my average

  26. sometimes being too cheap, makes us regret

  27. yeah, visible on the low minute timeframes.

  28. Curious to your thoughts on where we are? Doesnt look like a solid bottom is in yet

  29. its at support right now, will hang out around these areas until earnings

  30. Die Kommentare hier sind entweder bots oder solche Menschen, die ein paar jüdische Menschen in die Gaskammer hemmungslos geschickt hätten mit so einem IQ und nicht die Fähigkeit zu haben für sich selbst zu denken.

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