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  1. it feels like... im financially inside of you or something

  2. In your last post about BBBY you were not very convinced of them (I get that this is short term TA based and does not have to have anything to do with long-term outlook). The Price failure waver might mean nothing (As this could also be in the interest of a party that merely wants to have the opportunity to dilute BBBY some more, after all they would risk nothing as long as retail buying demand is somewhat strong, and it seems like it is).

  3. I dont know, one can only speculate about aquiring. Dont know whats gonna happen. But there are these FTDs that are due end of may. Maybe something will be timed about that timeframe. Its possible that bbby can turn around from such a shitty situation but it needs a lot of work and time. A spinoff is likely aswell. Every play you can make now on bed bath is simply knowing that you can either lose everything or gain a lot. Its a coinflip. If you for example have money to put it into bed bath with no expectations and that you dont care if you lose it or not, then thats the better mindset.

  4. but I like to gamble πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

  5. a smaller investment on longer timeframe, always outpaces a big investment for a smaller timeframe

  6. Nicely predicted. So if this is still a normal cycle, what kind of events would make you think that a run-up is not a normal cycle but actually the beginning of MOASS? Maybe stuff like options being turned off and other more-than-normally weird stuff happening?

  7. I think squeeze starts when nobody can enter in it anymore. you will see premarket or postmarket that the price is just keeping to increase similar event to jan21

  8. everything you have said is correct. Unfortunately I doubt that there will be any ears to listen to us as people will judge with emotions after their losses. I wish we could all get our tendies by not making anyone lose, but because the system is designed like this it will end up with a lot of people losing it all. Its not nice, but its also not nice to live in a slave world where overlord banksters decide our lives. This is like a scythe that erases everything so that afterwards something better can emmerge. Unfortunately we have to go through this phase.

  9. Reverse splits are bearish in nearly every case, but I think the alternative needs to be looked at as well. Bbby has a death spiral debt scenario going on and it is nearly impossible for them to escape. Option 1) don’t dilute and go sub $1 and get delisted, as well as not being able to sell more stock to pay back debt. This option is the speed train to chapter 11.

  10. There are massive FTDs that will have to be bought back in may.

  11. Question: now that the price is sub 1$, can more shares be diluted, or does it only happen over 1$? If it is the latter, I would imagine short sellers would want to cover shares Monday/Tuesday then re-enter at a higher price only to repeat that cycle until reverse split.

  12. you can always dilute shares, dont you?

  13. good spot! higher volume speaks for buying they know the cycle is coming…

  14. Thank you as always for the great DD that speak for the community. I’ve also being in this saga since February 2021 and have seen enough of the different drama that happened in these dubs, it really divides people and all the hypes in the end most of them ended up with nothing but disappointment.

  15. I dont know… as I mentioned I wish wouldnt be censored in other subs regarding what I have uncovered. And thats a huge red flag for me. I dont want to be blamed for something later that the institutions caused themselves. They did that in 2008 and blamed the poor and the immigrants for it. And they still do.

  16. I agree that this narrative to stop profit while DRSing is GOOFY.

  17. Yeah, Im getting censored by people supporting the clownworld instead of being a part of justice and change the world for the better. Everything starts from oneself.

  18. I sold half my shares today tired of fucking losing

  19. Yeah the earnings might have a big effect on after hour price action, what I was referring to is actually the March run last year, like how GME is being following the pattern during this two years where we are at the exact point before the most volatile run, the after hour one day run you were mentioning I think it was happened on October last year if you compare the algo pattern right?

  20. most volatile was march 2022, this one comes with may 2023

  21. why me?? there is clearly a chicken as an author labeled....

  22. Can your TA about the ripping now come tru, too? Bc I always liked that part. πŸ™πŸ™ƒ

  23. yeah usually rip comes after tonnes of bad news! :)

  24. no timeline, it will have to do with a marketcrash for sure, but I wouldnt buy BTC then

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