What do you think of the FBI raid on Trump?

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  1. Remember when Beats was the cool thing to own? Talk about a fall from grace

  2. Yeah I’m pretty sure that was Apple’s plan. As they have their own line of headphones they wish to promote

  3. Weaponizing the FBI to get to Trump to make him look bad for 2024? No bueno.

  4. Sigh, a Judge had to sign off on a presentation of sufficient evidence to warrant a warrant.

  5. We don’t know yet but signed off on what? Mishandling classified documents while he was in office and when he moved out of the White House? That fool Trump will weasel his way out of it.

  6. I swear I’ve read something before where they said they were recording John wick 4 and 5 at the same time or overlapping recordings

  7. Just as an update. There was another update to the repos 5 days ago. Looks like they’re still testing.

  8. IMO, it could drop any day; I'd be shocked (sort of) if they're still testing this by September.

  9. Yeah I feel the same way. Def a release by September

  10. Having girlfriends isn’t halal tf is your brothers talking about

  11. There’s no way you believed that was a real Countach lol

  12. “When in the long run, everything will be lost in the abyss.”

  13. As the saying goes never dip your pen in company ink.

  14. Lmao ayyyyy yo is this the Peak? I was there last week!

  15. I’ve seen my local one a few times. And my jaw never ceases to drop. I’ve posted it a few times on my profile.

  16. Sucks it’s going to be on Amazon because outside of The Boys almost everything they make ends up being super boring.

  17. This is either gonna be fantastic or really bad Ridley Scott has no middle ground lol

  18. He's just an Executive Producer the show runner Silka Luisa is going to be writing the story

  19. From what I've seen there doesn't seem to much updates from a gameplay perspective. Granted I knew the story wouldn't change but I did somewhat expect TLOU 2 levels of gameplay and graphics. Seems like we're only get one of the two. I can't believe Sony wants to charge a full $70 for this.

  20. Or when older men hits on you. I remember when I was 16, working cashier, when a veteran was in my register. He noticed my accent, went to say how he's married to a Filipina with three kids, and proceeds to ask me what my number is. He said he wants to take me out to dinner, but I grabbed my brother, who was my supervisor, and told my brother about the whole gist. The guy was escorted out by three managers because he didn't want to leave without getting my number.

  21. I remember when middle aged women would hit on me when i was 18. Had to be a power play or something.

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