1. I don't get it. What are the befits of using this besides the fact it looks cool?

  2. prob because it looks cool

  3. Repetition is the father of perfection. Looks pretty good for a first time.

  4. i’ve had some practice just not much with rolling in general, i posted abt a month ago my 2nd and 3rd blunts ever lol, i usually hit one hitters, pipes, gravity’s, or just normal bongs, if you have any good advice or tips for rolling my dms are open and it would be greatly appreciated

  5. it’s not my first time lol, i’d say probably 4th or 5th maximum

  6. i’m circumcised and jus beat my dick wit nun else, it feels njce

  7. Why did they always pick the shittiest plastic bags?

  8. the 2nd pic it was in a napkin🤦

  9. Wishing people would be nice 🤣 I just want to be a happy stoner without spending my life savings (not much 🤣) on weed 🫣 I smoke about £10 a day atm!

  10. that’s £10 a g, you didn’t get scammed imo

  11. for you, maybe. for me? no thank you

  12. People use one hitters/chillums for crack rocks lol. Still works good for weed tho

  13. I’ve listened to Solo Dolo 2 before when stoned, and that was a whole other dimension, so Imma report back to you later when I’m through with the whole album.

  14. just what i am has done that for me

  15. Yeah- that’s what I told em in the comment below- along with how to use it.

  16. you made my day entirely better whilst vibing to kid cudi and watching this situation unfold🤣

  17. get you some weed and fix your mood g🤦

  18. if all else fails, the tongue will not.(only applies to clean women not dime pussy)

  19. i assumed you were talking abt cardboard filters now why would i use paper to make it wouldn’t the paper just end up burning? and even then i still don’t like the filter idea for multiple other listed reasons, now keep the insults coming again im abt to bust;)

  20. Cardboar is a paper,you can always find somethink to make a filter if you dont make it you are a caveman,why wouldnt you filter and want cleaner and cooler smoke

  21. the warmth feels nice to me and you’re still ignoring the other things i have said

  22. Best way to get a good taste imo. A bit wasteful but my favorite way to smoke.

  23. the bud is a 10/10 taste, but i’m hitting gbs and one hitters for now

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