1. you should of seen him in original overwatch lmao

  2. I did. His hook range was not nearly what it is now lol.

  3. It’s not too bad right now. Just gotta stay mobile. You should look at his old hook hit box. Anymore of a nerf and he is useless like junkerqueen.

  4. I played against old hog and he was not nearly as good as he is now imo. His range wasn't quite what it is in OW2. Feels like he can hook from WAY out now. Don't need any DPS diving the backline cause he can just pluck the healers from behind the tank without being close.

  5. Lol. I have to play in 720p on a 4K monitor with every setting the lowest it can go just to get 60 FPS consistently.

  6. I would if I played it consistently. I play solo and got bored of the game + I'm a console gamer anyways. New World is a ton of fun but I can see needing others to play with late game. If I was on it more or had more PC friends for sure :)

  7. I hope not. I can't imagine having thousands of items in one place, even with good searching tool. Would be better if we could rename storage title. I like the idea to make searching tool better (searching through perks/attributes) but not merging all storages into one.

  8. It's possible that's what they're doing. Much like how the trade house is sorted, being that kind of mechanic is already in the game. I don't mind them merging it all into one as long as it's organized even just like regular inventory.

  9. I came from Neverwinter and DCUO. Neverwinter operates a lot in the same way that New World does. DCUO is a hotbar MMO (BUT it does not have long cooldowns like FF. DCUO is pure rotation with nothing ever being on cooldown. So you don't auto attack and are constantly spamming powers but it's very enjoyable)

  10. Bad teammates. I got tired of playing with people who don't know how to play and it felt like I got them on my team almost every single match. I just got tired of it and moved on.

  11. Lol I used to have days like this. I'd just jump into whatever series was open and snatch some dubs.

  12. The...what...you...WHAT????????

  13. Pretty much everything in ESO is a mage, they all just use powers that enhance melee, it's not true melee where it's straight up weapon domination like it is in New World. Auto attacks on mage weapons are horrible in New World. Don't like WoW or FF14. GW2 I played but not any endgame stuff and it seemed fairly balanced. BDO melee dominates, Lost Ark melee dominates. Diablo 3, PoE, Melee usually dominates. In general, the endgame "strongest builds" are usually melee builds.

  14. Is it not anymore? It was basically spin to win last time I saw. The barbarian class or w/e was always top of the leaderboards lol

  15. TPS had the most unique character choices in the whole series. The gameplay of Borderlands 3 was better though.

  16. I leveled to around 42 with just a life staff and various secondary weapons. I switched to GS after asking in chat and haven't looked back. Been running a Great Sword/Ranged Hatchet. Can do initial damage with GS, then switch to hatchet and hop out of range while healing from berserk until GS cooldowns are back up. Has worked out nicely until I get overrun. I'm not 60 yet as I've grown tired of leveling solo. I'm almost 56 but I've almost stopped leveling entirely due to it just being boring solo

  17. As a player who has yet to hit 60 and only plays PvE content, would this affect my endgame experience?

  18. And he's also adding ads to Disney+ and bumping the price to $10.99 a month for non-ad version.

  19. I have an i7-8700 with a 1050 ti and haven't had a single hiccup playing this game. Something is wrong with ur game lol.

  20. Win percentage is calculated by amount of time played on that hero in winning games vs losing games. So if you played Genji for 15 min and then tracer for 5 min in a won game, then play only genji and lose another game your win rate will be under 50 even if it says you are 1-1

  21. That's a really weird way of calculating win loss percentage. But it makes sense given how they handle MMR and everything in OW2 lol.

  22. I'm not sure. I've only had 1 draw so far and can't remember what role I queued for.

  23. Damn the bow is actually that nice? It's so slow and doesn't hit hard enough for me when I try to use it.

  24. I play it solo but not by choice. I just don't have any friends so I HAVE to play it solo. I would love a running buddy to play with. I'm only level 29 (on like my 5th character, I have a few around 30)

  25. It is broken but how does this show it? Look how close the SR and MMR ratings are as a whole lol.

  26. Yeah as a whole, I can’t even queue with someone 250 mmr away from me.

  27. Interesting. I've never played a ranked play match in Smite, the 5 minute queue times are dumb and then stuff like this happens. Not sure why diamonds are being matched with silvers, that's just flat out stupid.

  28. Perfect. I've just finished Amrine and not even level 30 yet. This well help me along my way. I always play healers in everything and New World will not defeat me!

  29. I love how open it is. You can literally play the entire game as a crafter if that's what you want to do. Or a hunter. Or an alchemist. Or you can be a healer in open world content for people, or in dungeons. You can just go exploring and find all the lore.

  30. Apologies I am not in a company but currently in a fairly similar place on Amarah. Also lookin for chill pve minded folks to roll with. Watching this thread with interest! Would def be willing to restart and roll on your server if you find a squad. Or just in general to duo some things.

  31. I'm totally down to duo, and I'm down to restart as well. A duo is really all you need to make things go smooth. It's paintstaking trying to level a life staff solo so if you want to be the DPS, that'd be cool with me. I enjoy not using mics and just knowing how to play and communicate through jumps or chat, that's fine with me! If you're down to duo up we can.

  32. I was wondering what server you picked I am looking for people to run with

  33. I think I'm on Medusa but I'm open to restarting. Really just looking for a duo partner and maybe pick up a couple others along the way. 2 people can make it go by way faster than a group.

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