1. You get this from the brand website ? Was hoping to find someone saying it’s legit

  2. Wait it’s fresh frozen flower rosin not hash rosin?

  3. Looks great but if you need a second opinion lmk lol I’d be glad to try it out for ya

  4. Your overthinking it my friend just follow all traffic laws don’t speed use a well maintained vehicle to prevent breakdown and you should not have any encounters with law enforcement even so…. Don’t use on the way back stay under the limits the first few times you may feel like 007 after the first time but it will just feel like another drive soon enough

  5. There are added terps and it says it right in the label lol.

  6. I believe you but where on the label ?

  7. On the back where all the poison control and fine print is. It is at the very bottom/end. I was surprised when I saw it, but then it made sense because it was so fruity. You may have to peel off a dispo sticker if it is covered.

  8. Downvoted my own 1st comment about it lol thanks for the heads up I appreciate the info

  9. Also you can find it at the third eye craft affair in Lansing most sundays

  10. An everyday smoker I wouldn’t trust it I would definitely use quick fix myself for anything less than 90

  11. Any buckeye relief live sauce carts are great klutch live resin lusters are usually decent and fisci rosin carts are usually good as well

  12. Live 3 lefts and humblebee always been afraid to buy petro bc of low price tag will def try soon now

  13. I can’t believe the prices the quality out ways the price 10 fold. only reason i trust em is cuz ik it’s the same guys from cannaboys, if ya ever heard of them. If ya go down to their dispo on 8 mile “the clinic” you can get a half oz for 100 bucks 🤣

  14. Wow I’ve heard of them though thanks for the info I’ll be sure to check it out

  15. If your looking for decent budget wax I suggest humblebee often5/100 or play brand live resin10g jars are decent for the price too

  16. Nahh but it doesn’t stop people from doing it through Instagram and telegram do your thing there is money to be made if you aren’t pressed about the rules…. If you are I would look more into doing it for multiple dispensaries as a contractor not an hourly employee

  17. Damn if you want yeti stash you can go to the third eye craft affair in lansing most sundays not as good as delivered but beats getting ripped off…… but I will say some telegram plugs are real and can be game changing if you have a good one

  18. I will provide you the answer no one wants but everyone needs to know…get your products from Michigan and use in your own home so the only thing to worry about is the drive….even the mids is high quality $80oz in comparison to most states and high quality goes for 150ish an oz( stinks up the room) or less if you can afford bulk or find a quality caregiver.

  19. Also stickiness even wet rosin is usually less sticky than any bho imo

  20. House of dank in Monroe has good deals for a dispo usually

  21. I am both scared and excited for you

  22. Has to be high quality hash or it will leave a residue sometimes called full melt hash or 6 star hash

  23. Coming from the dude asking why rocks are red? This is who I should get my scientific evidence from the wd 40 smoking geologists 🤣

  24. The liquid doesn’t make a large difference most flavored liquids result in harsh smoke imo I’ve tried vitamin water kool aid Gatorade milk orange juice (orange juice had most flavor but wasn’t worth making the bong nasty) if your really searching for something different I would try hot green tea only thing I might use besides water it’s surprisingly refreshing and smooth but water is preferred for me ….. ice condenses smoke so hot liquid would make it less dense which might explain why it makes for super smooth hits but would pack less punch per hit. I don’t think they effect the high at all bc your not vaping the liquid…. The liquid just filters things out of the smoke and not as much as you’d think and sometimes it filters out water soluble terps

  25. I didn’t know there was a HOD in Monroe! I am a med patient in OH, I’ll be in Toledo so I figured I may as well pop over to Monroe to save some money. Thanks for the advice, I’ll check em out!

  26. Neither did i until recently its right off the highway…. You should also check out some MI upcoming events you could potentially find a caregiver and save significantly on flower and wax

  27. What events are you talking about? I know about Hash Bash. I want to find a caregiver but not on here because I'm iffy. Thought about asking the dispo I shop for ideas but that's awkward.

  28. https://www.reddit.com/r/Michigents/comments/104zlnl/januaryfebruary_michigan_cannabis_events/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  29. Might be a generic pic not actual product pic…. I’ve heard the refinery has good in house products unlike most dispos

  30. How they taste? A lot of hemp wraps have a funny taste to me even though i enjoy raw papers which are made from hemp

  31. Nothing visibly wrong with that…. Thats actually purple meaning it contains anthocyanin and nothing more mold on bud is typically either whiteish or blue usually when mold on bud is black it is within a bud after breaking it up (anaerobic)

  32. Hermetically sealed mason jar one with a rubber seal and a metal lever to snap it shut….. for long term seals double vac pac

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