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  1. For better lighting for cooking videos As far as money like 50-100$ range I’d like it to be easy to take and travel with but not mandatory,and for size enough for one to light my medium sized kitchen.

  2. That is not static. It sounds like ambient room noise. can you set your level lower? If you are trying to make a silent video just bring mic levels down ( /captain obvious statement)

  3. also -12dB was what it was set to when i got it, i am no expert at alllll when i tcomes to audio or micophones. but have seen lots of people use this mic and get way better audio than mine

  4. I looking to make asmr like cooking videos, with lots of sound effects from well cooking. Looking at the VU metter it’s barely if at all moving when I am being as quite as possible yet still I hear that noise. Could this be related to the cable I am using or certain settings with in the microphone?

  5. avj says:

    This is an extremely low-effort post, but to answer your question, there's nothing special about the audio here. It's all in the editing.

  6. Yes but he’s able to get quite sounds like pouring sugar and loud sounds like opening a box to have the same audio loudness with out you hearing a AC or background noise from easing the volume up

  7. Rode Wireless GO II Single Channel Wireless Microphone System

  8. Great do you know if I need a accessory to connect it to iPhone?

  9. I am searching for this microphone

  10. “I need my love, I need my drugs”

  11. That boy never played video game in his life.

  12. These new kids aren’t growing up on Mario kart I guess

  13. “There’s a big fucking hole right there” 😳

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