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  1. la manera mas sencilla es a través de give a share, aunque también te va a salir unos $100 mas caro que si lo haces tu mismo a través de ibkr; pero tomando en cuenta la cantidad que vas a invertir no creo que eso sea problema.

  2. It is improbable that the float will reach 100% due to diminishing returns, most people that know/care about DRS have already locked their shares, especially the whales.

  3. If she could destroy the whole castle from the start then why would she pick on the skeletons one by one?

  4. Yea be careful e with these articles. JP Morgan claimed a short squeeze would happen in December - January and then nothing happened. This could be bait for greedy options players. At this point there trying to drain the swamp as much as possible. Damage control

  5. True but everything has been damage control for them for quite a while. Who knows this may not be a squeeze but at least a price hike.

  6. Keep in mind diminishing returns, as time goes on we will get less and less people DRSing; most whales have already DRS'd their shares.

  7. I wouldn't count on it, back in 2008 only one person went to jail.

  8. Potentially new baby here. I've got stocks in GME and AMC and might join your crowd.

  9. AMC is credibly believed to be in opposing swaps with GME. You are hindering or at the very least neutralizing your own GME position.

  10. Well I'm poor so I've only got 10 AMC shares and 20 GME just in case either squeezes. Might do the same with BBBY.

  11. So this could mean the splividend is near which in turn could trigger MOASS?

  12. Can someone explain this with crayons please?

  13. Smooth brain ape here, for what I understand BBBY will squeeze along with GME which is a way for Cohen to profit from MOASS without selling GME shares (which could send him to a hearing at the least).

  14. Potentially new baby here. I've got stocks in GME and AMC and might join your crowd.

  15. 0x8B48290991a6001D6bD554A81e2d7EFBDb9CaE40

  16. Thank God retail is mass-selling during dips... /s

  17. Seriously, I'm so proud of this. But at this rate, when will the float be locked?

  18. I don't think the float will reach 100% lock but I don't think that's necessary either, hedgies are fighting an uphill battle and eventually will have to pay up. DRSing makes it more difficult for them every day.

  19. If this thing moons. I’m never investing in the stock market again. Unless major changes are made

  20. But all he does is read DD's from /Superstonk or /GME 🤷‍♂️

  21. Wrong, it's tomorrow before MOASS.

  22. Copy and paste the article in the comments. Stop giving these fucks clicks for add revenue.

  23. The cryptocurrency exchange FTX is reportedly considering a deal to acquire digital trading platform Robinhood (HOOD), Bloomberg reported Monday, citing unnamed people familiar with the deal.

  24. This kind of daily posts should dissapear, we don't need new people coming here just to see a flood of karma farming posts

  25. Thank you for your karma contribution.

  26. 5/24. We were sitting at around $90 and it went to 148 in two days.

  27. I remember that spring sale, doubled my position (smol position from 10 to 20).

  28. Locking 100% of the FF is unrealistic. Most people who can DRS already have done so, especially the whales. 🐳

  29. The entrance is actually purple!

  30. what's wrong with his legs?!

  31. 0x8B48290991a6001D6bD554A81e2d7EFBDb9CaE40

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