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  1. Do what you can!!!! No worries I'm just throwing in $50 monthly!

  2. Correlation is not necessarily causation. I just drew a bunch of monkeys holding up the oblesk that is the massive green dildo. It's a premature dildo for the near future because moass (dildo joke) is tomorrow!

  3. Everybody thought he would lose, so they felt empowered to support him as a protest vote, and Hillary was running a bad campaign, and there was a 20+ year campaign to taint her in the general election. And the Bernie Bro's all sat out the general, wasting their votes (though not Bernie himself). Facebook supported Trump, Russia supported Trump, etc.

  4. Hillary was a horrible idea. Granted not as bad as Trump but good God the leadership in the DNC really hates its base.

  5. No activism/recruitment.

  6. Will we be able to add our own material into these for audio as artists? 0xa06bA09D18fB5417D0e37334891129442f51369F

  7. My butthurt from tinfoil comes from my aggressive scientific life philosophy. I would love this argument minus how many people can't think critically, so I worry.

  8. This is a tinfoil laced shitty post. There is no value. It's directly related because I'm trying to type on my phone, and the foil flecks, shit, and blood are all getter in de waay.

  9. I posted this podcast because Yuri has been quite a help recently in understanding the war from a civilian point of view. I find this information not only fascinating but eerily relevant to anyone who observes the world and humble enough to realize "it could be me".

  10. The joker is the only one I've wanted 0xa06bA09D18fB5417D0e37334891129442f51369F

  11. Every dollar upwards is a negative increase until such a time that it’s a moass trigger.

  12. Eh, that's not quite losing all profits from 2003, that's more like 5 years worth of losses. Still big tho

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