To arrest teenagers for jaywalking

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  1. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/486817/marama-davidson-clarifies-violence-comments-from-posie-parker-protest-after-calls-to-resign

  2. You can’t get any clearer than what she said.

  3. She must go. How can anyone think it’s justifiable to be racist. If the shoe was on the other foot there would be so much exposure on the issue. It has to stop!

  4. Did you see the news tonight. The MAORI PARTY were basically supporting her. This country is going down the pan. So I guess Racism is ok now??

  5. I remember going in Sky world when first moved to NZ Was still busy then in 2018,well busy ish. The place has such potential the cinema is great Use Game on a lot too. Sky world could be a great place for CBD just needs someone with a lot of money and some imagination.

  6. I reckon lots of immigrants are fond of this place

  7. I love this idea that all of a sudden the word "violence" is wielded by people who were just looking for an excuse to disagree with the pro-trans crowd anyway. Conservatives LOVE violence, when its being used to further their cause - when it's trans people getting murdered or beat up in bathrooms, or black people getting their throats crushed until they die its "just something that happens" but suddenly when a hate speech-spewing terf who gets nazis turn up at her rallies gets a bit of watties in her hair.... ooooooh oh no, not VIOLENCE!

  8. Your community showed their true colours. Say what you will. It was embarrassing what happened.

  9. This needs addressing shocking. Racism will not be tolerated. Throw her out of parliament.

  10. Have there is going to be an investigation in to this woman. Racist tut tut tut

  11. I’d say come back with a warrant close the door and ignore the cops.

  12. Get posting the videos of all this? Surely someone filmed something.

  13. The trans men and women showed they’re true colours today. The world and its wider was there to watch. 👏

  14. Was in Manchester in the uk over Christmas the tram system is fantastic. Should bring them back in NZ would be so much easier to get around the city

  15. Police officer get off the horse use your baton to beat the dog

  16. Why did you have to point out he’s white couldn’t you just say a guy who checks the receipts when leaving the store. 🤔

  17. I wouldn't go as far as saying NZ is unsafe either, but it's clear we're not addressing crime.

  18. We need to start fighting back against the criminals Stop looking the other way.

  19. Surely she has a right to express her views, when did we loose freedom of speech?

  20. Imagine trying to put into your Google Maps that you want to go to somewhere that you can’t spell from somewhere that you can’t spell brilliant move Auckland

  21. This process hasn’t been though through very well. I suggested having both names on the stations I can’t see why they want to take away all the English names it’s stupid. So what will happen to all the kiwis in NZ we just get forgot about. Yeah that’s really moving forward. NZ will end up like South Africa unfortunately. Sorry to insult South Africa!

  22. Can’t believe the bus drivers don’t have protection on the buses. a screen like they have in other countries So the driver basically has a room to drive in.

  23. Apply at Millennium group cleaning service.

  24. We did same when we arrived back after Christmas Crazy paying shuttle prices just got the AT bus to one hunga then got the number 30 into town drops you at Civic. Cheap cheap cheap

  25. This a free country, if the govt or anyone else wants to build houses somewhere, legally, then tough titty!

  26. There is nothing wrong with Wayne brown. He’s doing what he was voted in to do.

  27. Didn’t there used to be free wifi on the trains pre pandemic?

  28. Keep building out in to the alligators territory this is going to happen.

  29. Life is all about choices, you choose to take the wrong path you deal with the consequences. That still doesn’t justify attacking people!!

  30. These people need taking off the streets.

  31. Laugh about stupid dick head. Poor donkey.

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