1. The shooting gallery isn't instances which means good luck trying to do it without randoms fucking it up

  2. I actually had another guardian come into the game, start it, then I went outside to help shoot the items. I'm on console and the aiming was sticking in weird spots and it was very tough to try and do alone. Even outside, you can come back into the location and pick up the figure once everything has all been shot.

  3. Love it. I got several good laughs out of this!

  4. Maybe a hidden perk that activates with exotics that have eyeballs on them. Like omnipculis or maybe eye of another world. Not sure on the Titan side. But maybe it could give a short window of true sight like we get with the wish ender.

  5. I have a DS923+ and put in WD Red Plus drives (WD40EFPX ) that were not on the list of supported drives. Everything is working just grand so far with no warnings.

  6. Dumb question, how do you do this? So far I've only seen the compression settings, but I'll have to log back in and look around some more. Only my music on the server is really prone to duplication, the rest of it should be pretty much all unique.

  7. I know I'm responding to a WAY old thread, but I ran across another place that the behavior of Single-Version of hyper backup behaved very differently. I know that it strips out the versioning part, and that might be what the above poster was referencing about dedup.

  8. Lightblade was difficult but I (we) found Glassway harder? Jump baiting boss in lightblade made it feel more manageable than Glassway for me at least :)

  9. I feel like both of these are pretty difficult until you really understand the cadence of the boss fights. You have to know what happens at what points in the boss' health.

  10. Adaptive munitions is your best friend.

  11. Arbalest would like to have a word :) ...I call it the shield honeybadger

  12. Congratulations! That exam is pretty challenging

  13. I'm on the same boat, in the end I decided to pursue the PCE directly as it's more related to my current role.

  14. I agree with this. ACE is very cloud engineer directed. I passed the ACE but I realized so far in to studying that I would have been better off going after PCA. If the end goal is PCSE, I don't think a pit stop at ACE would help very much.

  15. Have you done PCA as well? I'm preparing for ACE now and planning to take PCA later because I thought PCA would be a significant step up.

  16. I haven't, but in the course of studying for the ACE, I did look over the PCA content. I felt like there was significant overlap between the two in the level of detailed understanding necessary. The PCA is different in that more of the questions are contextual and try to get answers based on broader situations. If I had it to do over again, I would have skipped the ACE and gone directly to PCA.

  17. All the masks you own are selectable as ornaments

  18. Thank you for this. I thought it was weird that I couldn't pull masks from collections.

  19. One other byproduct is that if the first knight is killed quickly enough, the second will spawn and you can avoid a too-short second damage phase. This happens a lot when right side damage, first knight on the left.

  20. Camera arrived in great shape. Thanks

  21. Just wanna add this from Twitter. Gambit crate is canceled and we can either get a refund on it or sub for another crate. I'll be taking the refund personally.

  22. Do you happen to have a link to that tweet?

  23. IMO, GCP is more lucrative because there are fewer individuals seeking those certifications, so there is a supply/demand factor coming into that equation.

  24. For the digital leader, the free credit is definitely plenty. Even with the ACE the credit would have sufficed if you got on top of learning and studying for the test.

  25. These PtP links have a secondary PoE port that can be used to supply a PoE camera, and providing you have adequate line of site between the gate and the house they will give you the link you need.

  26. Thanks! Sorry I missed this comment...for some reason reddit hid this one from me.

  27. If this is all about supporting connectivity to a single camera on a driveway, then forget about fiber and use a point-to-point wireless bridge instead. Cheap, easy to implement (no digging at all), rock solid, and some p-t-p bridge equipment have PoE output ports (as well as PoE In ports to get power themselves) so you can just plug the camera directly to the bridge hardware. You just need Line-of-sight, which presumably you have on a driveway.

  28. Thanks so much for the advice. I priced some pre-terminated fiber cables and got the sticker shock!

  29. Hey thanks a lot! Are you referring to Dan Sullivan on Udemy (about 5.5 total hours)?

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