1. Umm nope. Not with that contract. Also bare in mind that the bye week starts now so Jones is healing already. I'd say you need to see what happens after the bye.

  2. this is the correct answer. but we came here to psych each other up by saying bullish things about AJ, so say thing positive for OP

  3. Ving Raymes says so, an he wouldn’t lie to us

  4. We don't know the order of events.

  5. yup. unlikely if all 3 teams had already finished. these production teams know whats up

  6. I disagree with this, I’m ok with them but since this cast sucks their by default one of my favourites this season. Alison and Donny were a fun train wreck to watch. Brendon and Rachel are one of my favourite teams. Rachel and Elissa were fun. I loved Jessica on tar 30 and Cody was ok. Nicole and Victor were also fun (even though I hate Nicole on big brother.) Their definitely better than Jeff/Jordan and Britney/Janelle

  7. Fair im just trying to make light of something

  8. bets on her being a relative of mom and it was a familial gesture

  9. I could do that. Sounds like the best date I would've had in quite a long time. (My last date turned out to still be married, so...)

  10. well it sounds like she was DTF so…

  11. She was, because she was an ex-girlfriend of mine who I had broken up with in high school, and she was looking to pick back up right where we left off previously.

  12. agreed. probably saved yourself a lot of drama. Pooh would be a better date đź‘Ś

  13. Honestly? I say let him try. Trump is not owed the nomination. If there's a primary and Trump loses, he can either accept the loss with grace, be a real man, and endorse DeSantis, or he can go nuclear and try to take the whole party down with him and throw the election to Biden.

  14. trump accepting the loss with grace…?… his supporters getting the wake up call…?… he’d rather burn our party down than accepting any other alternative to him being on the general ticket. do we really want to “let him try”?

  15. question- in a scenario like this, would it be reasonable to replant in organic soil for a time to expedite the recovery?

  16. No. That wouldn’t expedite the recovery either. Roots grow more readily and easily in bonsai soil

  17. what are some things OP can do to help speed things a long for this little guy?

  18. Dont worry eno owners, i dropped him this morning so he'll go start for someone and dominate like jeff wilson

  19. txting (the lowest form of communication) is wrought with misunderstandings constantly. i wouldn’t overthink those examples, but im sure there are other you’ve encountered. as a 5 who is a health care practitioner, communication challenges are my daily struggle with people of varying levels of comprehension. i speak slowly, succinctly, and use repeating myself to highlight the important points of my msg; every time i repeat myself, i say the msg the exact same way i said it previously, but more slowly and with prolonged eye contact to make sure it lands. not sure if thats helpful, but i totally vibe with your post. the struggle is real, thx for sharing

  20. Thanks. I seem to strike it better with a shorter swing than a longer one.

  21. This looks incredible. I would order this every time I went to that restaurant

  22. at first glance, thought it was a badass sushi roll

  23. It sounds like he is just bad at FF. That’s the kind of move that ruins the league for other people.

  24. what is your strategy for keep your waiver priority high?

  25. this. trade volume highly correlated with homie level

  26. trying to figure out how close G+L were to aubrey and david? the edit made it seem not too far

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