1. he asked this in chinalife and got shat on so bad he deleted that post lol.

  2. That Oh no better be in Knuckles' voice

  3. Yoooo this mf thinks carpet bombing is meant to be accurate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Not saying it doesn't work but it's so fking bloated you're paying for shit you don't need. Like Noopept in a pre really???

  5. For a pikenose tank it has 10 degrees of gun depression and a good part of the turret is very tough ot can hulldown pretty well. Just know that frontally it has a lot of small but exploitable weakspots so never sit still. Also as it has no internal modules you can save a repair kit for other consumables

  6. Hanayama surviving a sniper shot to the head and able to walk and fight soon after brain surgery

  7. For the convicts arc Itagaki experimented with some real wonky proportions.

  8. How is this an insect repellant wood with a literal bug crawling on it right at the beginning?

  9. Breaking news, you might wanna strap into an seatbelt this might be too much for you to handle

  10. That's a wolf spider which do have pretty decent vision

  11. Tetsuo Hara just draws Kenshiro lol

  12. Yujiro Itagaki doesn't exist, he cant hurt you

  13. Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit n' cum?

  14. I have chewed on the entire dry flower when I'm too lazy to prepare it. Tastes vile but I do get some sedation out of it. On the bonus side because how bitter it is after you chew and swallow it even water has a faint sweetness to it.

  15. This is from a commercial for a pain relief patch. The customers (and anyone appearing in those ads) are rendered in Itagaki's artstyle and the customers are portrayed after their favorite Baki characters. Any resemblence to Baki characters are due to reference they aren't actually canon.

  16. just get Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless (first generations). unnoticeable latency, perfect bluetooth, and sound is amazing. The newer gens don't have low latency for some reason, which is why I got the first gens. Been gaming with these and they're awesome. Can get for $50 on Ebay

  17. Nothing. Poweramp eventually updated their output options and hi-res support and things work now

  18. Retsu got one shotted because he chose the wrong move against Pickle. The move Jack did wasn't advanced by any means, is just simple deflection. Retsu knows that move as well.

  19. 買一身小丑服 臉上塗好小丑妝 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  20. Sounds to me like your programming for PPL was just trash. You said your "last 3 exercises" became hard to focus on that just tells me you were doing too much junk volume. You're not supposed to do 8 different exercises on a push day. When programmed correctly (5 exercises total) fatigue will not be an issue. PPL > brosplit (almost) every time when programmed right.

  21. Not lost, was replying to another comment of yours where the thread was locked

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