1. Surgically implant a small explosive in my head, then give someone else the detonator and explicit instructions to wait for good comedic timing.

  2. “You gotta try these brownies, they’re absolute MIND BLOW-…”

  3. How many free transfers do you have?

  4. Aside from Williams and Jensen it's not a bad team for GW12. Maybe take a -4 hit and bring in Salah, Trossard or Mount?

  5. Thanks for advice! I still have 2x WCs (as we have 2 first half of season) so I’m somewhat tempted to use one - why would advise against?

  6. Bring Kane in for Mitrovic for a -4 ? I have 7m ITB

  7. Remix of higher ground by stevie wonder by any chance?

  8. Is free hit a bad option for this GW?

  9. Depends how many players you have active. However I would use the WC if you’re considering FH as you have 2 of them in the first half of the season anyway this year.

  10. 10 players active for this weekend. Worth taking a hit to bring in an extra one?

  11. Really thinking about dropping Saka for Rodrigo now…

  12. Who’s ready to see a Kane hattrick against Chelsea and Haaland to get injured in training now that I dropped Kane for Haaland?

  13. Thank FUCK I didn’t listen to the eXpErTs on FPL Podcast and didn’t get Rashford and Dalot

  14. I'd really only do it if your team is a complete unredeemable disaster. What transfers are you looking to make?

  15. Tbh my squad is ok, I just changed my draft last minute and got rid of a bunch of players that scored high this GW such as Martinelli, Zinchenko and Darwin. Instead I got Saka, Robbo and Greenwood (as a sub) to get more balance with an 8M midfielder


  17. Cash and Walker cost the same so why not Walker, Rashford, Neto?

  18. I have been out of the loop on Perisic. He is currently in my starting 11 over Bailey and I have heard someone say "after Conte's comments on Perisic". What was said and should I reconsider owning/starting him?

  19. I’m not sure how he will play, but his attacking runs with Inter were impressive. 48 games last season with 10G & 9A

  20. Who is a safer option Neto or Bailey?

  21. Bailey been good pre-season and AV look better attacking

  22. Which 2 out of the following would you have on your team and why? Currently have Salah and Haaland, tempted to drop Haaland for KDB or Kane.

  23. I’d pick based on the hotel.

  24. Aware of the laws, did some digging but thanks a lot for clarifying!

  25. You should know that the Montrose station is pretty far away from what most people consider "Williamsburg". The part that's on the river, and closer to Greenpoint, is really Bedford Ave, four stops away. You'll find a good neighborhoody feel near the Graham stop, a little less interesting around the Lorimer stop, but the food/shops/waterfront are quite a hike from where you'll be staying, or a short subway ride away.

  26. Thank you for the info! Would you say that LIC is good for convenience of commuting? Or would Montrose station be fine to get around?

  27. MacBook Pro won’t turn on after I forced shutdown, what should I do?

  28. In addition to moma, some other museum type attractions to consider are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, and Bronx Zoo. I tell everyone visiting NYC to make sure to go to at least one of those three. You can spend an entire day in each one and still not see everything.

  29. The best advice I can give to a couple visiting NYC is to bake in plenty of time to get around in case you get lost, and plenty of down time to rest, whatever that means for you. Nothing triggers a fight faster than being tired and hungry and lost in an expensive, overwhelming city 😂

  30. Planning on constantly eating given NYC’s variety of options, hopefully will avoid fights :’)

  31. I'm on a wildcard and not even considered Coutinho at all. Too many other options i prefer for a lower price.

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