1. Allgemein für die Verteidigung und der Entminung

  2. Sehr gut! Wenn du einen Teil deiner Unterstützung in Action sehen willst, schau mal bei

  3. I need to reassess why I subbed this board. It’s bad for my health.

  4. Nothing but junk. I don't doubt what they say one ioda.

  5. Ich bin beieindruckt, dass sich der Specht an dem Mast festhalten kann.

  6. it is indeed. just watched it again with sound on. cringe appears around the corner.

  7. Brutal. Just fuckn brutal. And we get to see it all

  8. Wir machen uns auch immer um jeden trockenen Baum sorgen, nach dem ich jetzt OPs Postingverlauf angeschaut hab liebe ich diese Sache! 🙏🏽❤️

  9. Someone explain to me the point to the mixed case title.

  10. I’ve never seen a turnaround from downvotes to upvotes. Congrats lol

  11. A grenade in a plastic cup is the Russian attempt at drone warfare. Are you sure that these are Ukrainian attacks? Many of them bounce off-target or produce no discernible results. This video smells Russian to me.

  12. Looks like a yellow tape at the bottom. Could that be a hint that it's Ukrainian?

  13. I can't tell but it was posted as Ukrainian. We will research although also Ukraine sometimes uses grenades in the glas.

  14. Surreal, I just like taken out of "All is quiet on the western front". I also know how the story ends

  15. I just had the exactly same thought. Can`t believe how similar the scene is.

  16. And again, “All quiet on the western front” vibes!

  17. Faktencheck: bei einem kürzlich erschienen Test aller heimischen Bio Supermarkt Biomarken bzw. Gütesiegel war die von Hofer eine der besten! Testergebnisse wurden glaube ich auf

  18. echt jetzt? das sind eindeutig vögel. seids wach oder was?

  19. Bitte sag nicht fu checkst nicht, dass das hier allem klar ist? Captain obvious?

  20. We'll try uploading this again due to the song beeing not appropriate.

  21. KitchenAid isn't bad, but it seems notably worse than before Hobart sold the mixer line to Whirlpool; their mixers are still some of the best out there, but might now last ~10+ years instead of 50+. Same thing for Cuisinart after they were bought out by Conair.

  22. I once read that whirlpool is specialized in building electronic silicone boards f.e. for washing machines that will die very shortly after warranty is over. Their whole business concept is devices becoming defective in time it seems.

  23. I think it's great you try this, I'll try to support the cause!

  24. Never saw this type of grenade? Does anybody know something about it?

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