1. Pediatrician everytime prescribe some vitamin tonics but it never helped to gain weight.

  2. My son is 9 year old and he is very much skinny. He is having good eating habit but still not gaining weight. He also lack in concentration. Kindly suggest me genuine medicine or any other solution. I m planning his food intake properly.. he has medical conditions and allergies.. Doctors please help

  3. It’s intentional. If you don’t answer exactly the same judgment, your account will be put under review

  4. Ok. Now that's really serious... But why every month ..

  5. My mobile is showing two seperate devices instead one

  6. I've been put on review 5-6 times since last November. Sometimes it's super fast (email on Monday, cleared and working by Tuesday midday) sometimes it lands on funky holidays/days off and I have missed 8-10 days of work. It's all over the place and there is no consistency.

  7. Some of the questions may be slight variations. If not then make sure you pick the same answer, it may be attention check tasks

  8. There was a certain task that I was doing a while back and every time that I would get some the first eight or ten would the same ones every time. I always assumed that it is some sort of quality check or test but who knows.

  9. Yes same here... The test tasks are appearing back to back...

  10. Less chance of exploding randomly. Hides any grime better.... that's all I got sorry

  11. What does the doctor say?

  12. Doctors here are okay with his health and only suggest calcium and iron supplements... That i m giving him but it doesn't help in gaining weight...

  13. Overall, it’s important to put more calories into his body at this stage of development. The average athletic kid actually burns somewhere around 3200 to 4000 calories per day. In order to gain weight he is going to have to eat more than that.

  14. I m really thankful for your reply. Yes, i add smoothie daily in his diet .. .. peanut butter he doesn't like... And i can not force him...

  15. Consult to check on the child's nutrition... If it is on point there's nothing to be done but waiting for puberty.

  16. Consult a Pedreatician in Person, Reddit isn't the place for asking medical advice.

  17. I haven't received this task recently but in the tasks that i am receiving, guidelines are updated and at the end of the guidelines date wise details of updates are given. You may chach this in your document.

  18. Sbi is a better option but to be honest sbi customer care services is worst than icici.

  19. So I do different tasks than you. But for me I'm on mountain standard Time. I was just saying if you're used to getting your tasks at a certain time of day try early try really late at night, and keep trying to get a hold of them to see if they can't transfer you to a different type of rating. I'm an Internet safety and I haven't had nta's since the start of covid. I just feel so cruddy when I'm in a department where we have a lot of work and then other departments are facing no work right now

  20. Ok. I got your point. Thank you very much. I am trying again and again at a specific intervals but there is no use... Just now i received only 9,10 tasks of a specific type and again NTA. That might be a test i guess ..but i already have done thise tasks several times... No reviews are done for that... And now again test... It is so confusing...

  21. Have your tried different times of the day? When I got NTA in the past there would be tasks at like 5-6am or late at night

  22. Okk ... What is your time zone.. i will adjust as per mine

  23. This post was removed because it is more suited to the Weekly Self-Promotion, Buy/Sell, Classifieds Thread, which is scheduled on Wednesdays.

  24. Same here, image loading time is high. I feel i m getting paid for half of the time i am spending. Again NTA is an issue and difficult to manage time accordingly...

  25. Okay. Hopefully things will improve soon. What is your locale? Are you also from EU region?

  26. Ok do they have bullacart ride and farms to have experience??

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