1. The exploring channel is very good. They do long in depth videos.

  2. Well, whoever they are, they need to be sent to horny jail for life without parole.

  3. In this context, horny jail is a cupboard in my basement filled with snakes.

  4. Didn't see the title at first and I legit thought you were her.

  5. I have a good vocal range, so a nice deep voiced "hey thanks man" usually does the trick for me.

  6. The kind of person who would be a cop isn't the kind of person I hang out with.

  7. Good thing you have to cook those 4:1 fresh to order with no heating tray. I'm sure they'll taste great by the time everyone gets theirs.

  8. and my store has a rule of 3 quarters per grill clam.. so we can put down 12 quarters at most per 70 some seconds.

  9. Out of interest, is this accepted as the 106 backstory, or are the other tales more popular?

  10. I didn't know about the 106 connection before reading this comment. Super fucked up and sad thank you. 👍

  11. Ah, well flies are the domain of the demon Beelzebub, so he might have been reaching out to you. The flame could have been part of that as well. Squashing the fly was a good way to rebuff it, so no worries there, unless you were trying to do some demonology. I'd say maybe cleanse your space and you should be good.

  12. It is as important to feel emotions as it is to not let those emotions control you.

  13. If it happens right before we close, a lot of the time it's because we took it apart early to clean it. Otherwise, the machine has to shut down sometimes, I believe because it gets overheated.

  14. I once asked if anyone I was working with had attempted suicide because I had attempted suicide before and everyone on shift at the time said yes.

  15. I would not work for that company under any circumstances. That may also be grounds to report them to the better business bureau or a similar organization.

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