1. This movie wouldn't even make 50 million today. Sad

  2. X and Pearl are, IMO, the absolute pinnacle of the slasher genre.

  3. Pearl is more of a character study than a slasher.

  4. Man, Smile was garbage. Like It Follows and The Ring thrown into a blender and made into the most boring generic vanilla horror, with cheap jump scares to top it off.

  5. That's why it made so much money, I object to anyone that calls smile a original film. Nonsense.

  6. Well the thought process at the time was “we have to be different from Marvel.” Which means a dark and gritty tone instead of quippy Joss Whedon dialogue. They didn’t even have aftercredits scenes as a way to differentiate themselves.

  7. Light and fluffy superhero films suck imo. I think that synder isn't a good film maker. Todd Phillips and Nolan run laps around him.

  8. The mcdonalds of cinema. Very popular but quality sucks. The masses are into the dumbest shit.

  9. They treat there VFX workers like shit. That’s probably why. And the fact there’s like 20 marvel projects per year.

  10. True, no one with any artistic merit should want to work on these projects. That's one of the biggest reasons they suck.

  11. I’ll blend in just enough to where you’ll be guessing every single person thinking they are me. I’m a mastermind and you’re just a pawn in my chess match. You’ll never catch me. You’ll end up banning others just because you’re paranoid it could be me. I’ve got you.

  12. If you blend in then what are you accomplishing? Lol.

  13. Fascinating. Just shows much we are shooting in the dark with our profitability predictions sometimes.

  14. I keep seeing people saying this but I think this movie could do really well. It has huge stars, is being marketed heavily, and is being pitched as a fun & debaucherous movie.

  15. Wolf of wall street opened to 22 million. Babylon will probably open to 1/3rd of that.

  16. Well it's currently forecasted to gross 4-9 million in its opening weekend. Sad to say it will be one of the biggest bombs of the year.

  17. First off college is a scam. Sports marketing? Honestly makes my blood boil that university's offer a program like that when 99% of graduates won't even work in that field.

  18. I doubt it will. Im sure it will be a great movie but it's hard to match fury road.

  19. It's fine that you didn't like dunes score but I think the academy loved it. There was no other contender for that category. Dune was the runaway favorite.

  20. Yeah but did you see the odds for dune winning best score? Any other film winning would of been a huge upset.

  21. Because each film is its own standalone movie. They weren't made with multiple movies in mind.

  22. The restaurant industry has tricked people into thinking we the consumer should pay the employees rather that the employer paying them a fair wage. Good job to them I guess lol

  23. I can't think of a worse business model than a restaurant. It's amazing they even exist. A big reason why employers can even afford employees in that industry is tips.

  24. I don't think physical transformations get credited enough when it comes to acting. I remember when Jake Gyllenhaal didn't get nominated for nightcrawler. I thought that was such a snub.

  25. I couldn't even last 15 minutes of black adam. The batman was definitely the best. You're reasoning of "it took itself too seriously" is exactly why I liked it as I like CBMs that are more for adults (TDK Trilogy, Joker).

  26. No it's not. It has no moderation and allows mcu shills to over run the sub. The best sub is

  27. Why do I keep getting recommended this shit sub you racist fuck

  28. Tired of bullshit like this? This is what happens when theirs no active moderation on a subreddit. Join

  29. Blockbusters absolutely used to be released every other week before the pandemic

  30. Not on this scale. Marvel has made theaters into a different experience. Audience behavior has changed. They want a theme park experience now

  31. Audiences have been wanting this experience before marvel ..u just didn't have available internet and social media on ur home to know ..

  32. Regardless, what will theaters do when comic book movies die like the American western? They rely so heavily on them I'll guess they'll just shut down.

  33. I don’t really see The Woman King as a box office success. A commercial success, maybe, as it might break even with streaming later on and what not. But it didn’t even gross 2x its budget.

  34. It did about as well as it could domestically. Was there another non ip film this year that grossed as much that relied on female audiences? Ticket to paradise is the only one I think.

  35. And it failed to break even due to overseas box office. But yeah, films like The Woman King and Black Panther tend to do really well in domestic gross.

  36. Yes the overseas gross was pathetic. Interesting to say the least. I still don't understand it.

  37. After watching the re-release I’m pretty excited to go see it in the theater. It was absolutely nuts that a 12 year old movie has better CGI and effects than anything that’s come out in the last 5 years.

  38. No but XD utilizes 4k projectors and typically use either auro 11.1 or dolby atmos. Also unless you live near good IMAX theaters there's a chance the XD screen size is larger than your typical liemax.

  39. Most people have shit lives. They want to watch something fun lol.

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