1. Get a VPN like Nord or TorGuard (no log VPN with off shore servers). Get a client like qBittorent and only use it while on VPN. Google “best torrent sites 2023” - Pirate Bay still exists for example. Find your movie etc on site and click the link on the page.

  2. How does that work for kids away at college for example? I prefer the convenience of streaming but as friends have noted, this is how you push people into torrenting.

  3. You noted that management supports this mindset. You’re not changing that attitude. Leave on your terms. Don’t rage quit but plan a move and improve your skills, if needed, to get there. I feel your pain in my current job.

  4. Quitting organized religion and not looking back

  5. Sorry, they haven’t. This is the current message.

  6. There's a cluster of Indian buffets in the Oakley and Hyde Park area and you can't really go wrong. Shaan Indian is really good.

  7. As of summer 2022 Shaan (new management) had closed the buffet. The food was good and the folks operating the restaurant were super friendly, but it’s pricey for lunch to get a full entree. Taco trucks have multiplied like rabbits to counterbalance the loss /kidding

  8. How they treat people in service jobs. Basically, are they respectful of someone else. You don’t have to drop 50% tips or something grand, just be respectful and remember no one’s perfect.

  9. It's ridiculous that people can't tell the difference between "$150" and "Free."

  10. To me it’s essentially equally ridiculous that we pay a subscription to Amazon but they allow, thorough action or inaction , this scam shipping amount (and thousands of counterfeit products). I say “action” because Amazon allows this where it’s more profitable to let the scam continue than to stop it, thus putting the customer behind the fraudulently generated profit. And we pay for this abuse.

  11. I’ve been using SBD in a luster pod and it has had creative upbeat effects. I feel like it’s good for that in my experience.

  12. First, find the file location and go there via File Explorer. Then right click the file and choose Open With. PowerPoint should be the default, confirm that and choose to open with PowerPoint. If it is not the default application , then check the “always open with” box and then select PowerPoint. Does that work?

  13. Go to HP’s site and look up the driver update utility or options using serial of your PC.

  14. This may help - there are iOS and Android settings too. Check out :

  15. Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Guy can be over the top but he’s really positive and you might find something that you didn’t know about that interests you food-wise. It’s also short (30 min) and more than one venue, so it’s easy to dip in/out with missing key plot points.

  16. I liked Verano and Rhythm brands. I know they aren’t in the same league as luster or live resin pods, but they taste good to my unsophisticated palette and they’re convenient.

  17. No way - I really like their food but once the price climbed I stopped buying. I had no idea they had gone that high. There is a vegetarian Indian buffet near me that’s about $10 for lunch, all you can eat. Or I could get 1.25 boxes of this.

  18. If you really want to get fancy, you could do email template + rule. If the response is fairly consistent you’d essentially create a rule-based auto-response. Do a Google search for that for some example - this might not be the best one out there but it’s an example :

  19. If you are into edibles, check out the Revel RSO and the infusion powders. Those have been the best edible buys, value-wise. For taste, I really like Wana gummies (they have a “quick” fast-acting). For low-dose I’d say incredibles 2mg fruit tarts.

  20. There have been several articles how offshoring has ended up costing many companies more due to things like this.

  21. I watched my former company realize, over 3 years, that they had many gaps in coverage because the management layer that pushed for outsourcing didn’t understand the actual work. In this case it was quantified that in year 4 the hiring they had to do to cover gaps exceeded the savings alleged at the start of the outsourcing. I’m sure there is a case for outsourcing roles (benefits or project management teams?) but in any case , outsourcing what isn’t understood is going to be a fail.

  22. Nah, McDonald's sometimes does this, not the first time I order large fries and my GF orders the normal one and mine just has a bigger pack lol

  23. McDonalds has been pulling this for years. There’s a number of discussions about how management unofficially teaches the employees to pinch the fry box do it looks like a full large fry - they also refuse to designate a weight for fry sizes (source - formal response to complaint about fry portions). Because they know store managers do this and condone it. I no longer go to MCD.

  24. Former (1990s) McManager here. The proper way to fill the fries container is to hold it front & back, not side-side. If you squeeze the container side-side the fries all sink down, leading to customer complaints that their "fries aren't filled". In OP's image the top one looks underfilled, the bottom one looks properly filled but squeezed side-side so the fries have sunk down.

  25. In my fast food days we had a target weight for items, like fries, and corporate would mystery shop us to check weight. I was told in writing that McDonald’s sells fries by “volume” (their word) and not weight so a large fry varies based on the employee filling. This was before it was crystal clear the large fries are being sold under filled on purpose. I stopped going there at that point.

  26. Sadly this season of Young Sheldon. That was gold and I was enjoying until this season.

  27. I think this is counterintuitive.

  28. Those “answers” are infuriating. When I buy tech gear the questions will be quantifiable - like will this part work with model XYZ and you get “I don’t know” or “I hand model ZYX but since they share some letters, I bet it’ll work”.

  29. The layoffs were the tipping point, service jobs are notoriously abusive. You take abuse from management, you take abuse from the cooks, you take a abuse from the customers. Money isn’t guaranteed either and customers are much less inclined to tip now than they were when their money went further than it does now.

  30. My view as a former food service employee and manager - There are many specific jobs (or workplaces) that are rough or even toxic but collectively as an industry hospitality and food service always seem to be that way. Even the best places I’ve worked aren’t really “healthy” environments. Combine that with poor career patches and limited upward wage growth at the best of times and you get this.

  31. Yeah, I just think the way restaurants in general handled the pandemic pandemonium was just kind of the last straw for a lot of people. The attitude towards employment in general had been shifting with the younger generations, and since the food industry has always been pretty abusive, when the layoffs started happening and the abuse didn’t change at all, people got fed up with the industry and just decided they were never going back. Then they got a taste of the good life (working anywhere even mildly less abusive) and it was set in stone. You couldn’t offer these people any amount of money to go back to living the way they lived when they worked in the food industry.

  32. Great summary. There was a brief period when the low wage front line folks (grocery, retail, food services, etc) were “heroes” and places like Kroger paid them essentially hazard pay. You know how long (haha but not funny at all) that lasted.

  33. You can use GPUs but chances are the passwords are secure as heck, like 256 bit. Even with GPUs you’re pretty much out of luck without random chance on your side.

  34. Credential stuffing would be a solid bet. Credentials from another breeched site + using same password(s) elsewhere = that awesome 256 AES protected vault is worthless.

  35. Yeah I have a 45 character password on that vault but I have already rotated the passwords before work freaks out. They’re being awfully calm about it.

  36. I’ve been watching this unfold and I’m going to go out on an unscientific limb and say that way too many workplaces are being “calm” about this.

  37. I can see them telling PUCO “the costs associated with implementing rolling blackouts are high and should be considered unusual - we need a rate increase so we won’t have to cut executive bonuses!”

  38. Well you know these companies have raised rates over and over again to do what… give shareholders bonuses and CEO mega raises but no investment in the grid of course.

  39. I know this won’t happen but if there was a financial penalty to the providers - say something to incentivize them to invest in the grid before C-level bonuses or stock buybacks - they’d be less cavalier about the situation. If we’re going to let our public utilities fail big time on meeting the “public” part, then maybe we use our government to introduce a market force (massive penalties) on the side of the public.

  40. I thought that from -15F to 15F they need to use calcium chloride (mixed with other treatments as warranted by temp) . That seems to be accurate scientifically, but the practical reason why they aren’t using it is puzzling me. Last time I saw it mentioned on local news it was the cost was a factor.

  41. Agreed. I think it’s because they’re unwilling to purchase ahead and essentially bet that we’ll need some. News flash - It’s Ohio, that’s going to get used. The only question will it be as bad as the current situation where we all notice the impact.

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