The Madness ends today. I have left the cult

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  1. When everything comes tumbling down do you think it will finally knock some sense into the other meme stock bag holders and cause a mass exodus? Or will they just point, laugh, and continue on their merry, delusional way?

  2. I think some will disappear off Reddit feeling taken advantage of, some will blame the financial world for stealing their money, and the remaining will find a new meme ticker to pray to.

  3. I think once BBBY goes bankrupt a lot of the baggies who stay will jump back on to the GME wagon and claim its always been the only play

  4. Wut? Fucking bagmins wilin out. They literally call themselves apes. We can see their post history. We know who they are. What fucking site-wide rule could that possiblity break?

  5. Apes were brigading a world news sub and I got into a debate with one to correct some misinformation. There was a bunch of them and one of me. I got banned for harassment. The flagged comment was “textbook ape response” after the other party deflected from the argument and called me a meltdowner shill.

  6. Ah yes. I keep forgetting the dirty secret of digital space rules enforcement: it's all a fucking farce.

  7. I’m all the way done trying to save apes lol I’ll watch quietly as they go from fantasies of lambos to the reality of food stamps

  8. This is the ape conundrum. Even if they get some kind of Revlon-bankruptcy pump, they’re going to hold through it because they think a squeeze means life changing money.

  9. "Perjury is the intentional act of swearing a false oath or falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to an official proceeding"

  10. I’m not looking for a definition of perjury. I’m looking for the offence. What is the exact quote that proves perjury? Again, I’m not looking for your interpretation.

  11. Citadel Securities, they also committed international securities fraud. They are run by Ken Griffin, who lied under oath to Congress

  12. International securities fraud? That’s not a real crime but okay, I’ll bite. Can you share a source?

  13. He made $16 billion he's a genius!

  14. You mean short positions? Gee why would one of the top market makers on the exchange have short positions?

  15. So Apes have sold those shares and then gone back to SuperStupid and recorded the sales?

  16. These would be shares counted by the bot that didn’t match the official numbers released by GameStop.

  17. I must be out of the loop - how did they get that figure? We all know the hedgies registered and then unregistered shares, but how did they get an exact figure? Is it just comparing DRSBot with the quarterly number?

  18. Yeah, These would be shares counted by the bot that didn’t match the official numbers released by GameStop.

  19. That comment is not going to age well. Later, friend

  20. new director, Carol just got hired. She worked with Carl enterprise and guess what, behind Xerox M&A, there was Carl Icahn

  21. She’s also worked with Alix Partners and guess what, they advised on some of the largest chapter 11 bankruptcies including GM, Kmart, & Enron.

  22. BBBY has now been halted twice to the downside.

  23. They can't be picky with hopium these days.

  24. Will it also be a world currency, like GameStop, in the next few years?

  25. $GME and $BBBY are the new gold and silver.

  26. Oh you mean Ryan Cohen? The billionaire Ryan Cohen who rugpulled retail investors? That Ryan Cohen?? The guy who… okay this is lame I don’t know how apes can do this stupid game every day

  27. Why would they want BBBY to be purchased??!! Once the company gets acquired, the BBBY ticker stops existing, and the shareholders’ shares will convert to the acquiring company’s shares. If it’s a private company, they will actually lose all their shares and get cash value instead. Either way, most of them will be at a huge loss, and there is zero chance of MOASS. An M&A scenario would be bad for most BBBY holders.

  28. Question. I’ve seen the term MOASS used a ton, but what does it mean? (New to this)

  29. And this is them ignoring the 500k increase last quarter and calling it 7M instead 😂

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