Polyphony is a type of music consisting of two or more simultaneous melodic lines. Here's the two lead guitarists of the band Polyphia playing together, in the second chorus and later of their song Chimera.

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  1. Do you play marth per chance? Cause I've played a little bit of marth in unranked and I was powershielding damn near half of the lasers off the bat with no practice

  2. Yeah people act like Marth is way easier than he is. I think his combos are really simple but he doesn't have many guaranteed free kill setups against certain characters so finding kills can be rough if you mess up with edgeguarding.

  3. Especially from a falcons perspective its hard to get out of the marth is easy mindset when all he has to do to edgeguard you is either sit near ledge and dtilt or fsmash. Vs spacies though that's harder than it looks. Also think the transition might be harder for most people who play fast fallers cause you go from really fast and easy to get down to kinda slow and hard to get down.

  4. Pretend there's a girl you really like in the room with you (ignore that playing melee already isn't super attractive to the lady). Imagine how cringe it is when you rage.

  5. Chemists use a lot of shorthand when showing chemical structures. All of these are shorthand. They show various amounts of detail. None show all the atoms explicitly. (Each 'corner' is a C atom.)

  6. My old PI used to always tell us to "Cap our methyls" for some reason, either CH3 or Me. Never really understood it to be honest. But yeah the wedged hydrogen is definitely important, although I tend to prefer wedging/ dashing the functional groups instead if possible/convenient. Dunno why

  7. As someone who is kind of an idiot what do you recommend to beat cc dsmash as falco vs peach

  8. Not a peach main or a good player at all really (like on and off silver 3) but I just wait. At least for me, peaches telegraph hard as fuck when they are going to dsmash. Like they just sit on the side platform so I do an empty short hop to bait it then punish. Dunno if that helps cause I'm objectively not very good (damned ranked for giving me an objective view of how bad I am at the game)

  9. The G.O.A.Ts, been listening to these guys for a while and they always seem to raise the bar with each new track

  10. I think this is a really poor way of doing things in the context of a melee tournament. What is the procedure if I feel that my opponent is pound stalling? Do I have to call a TO over mid-set to see what they think?

  11. Yeah I guess so, but aren't a lot of matches run on slippi set ups and therefore would have replays available? I'll admit, I'm not super familiar with tournament play so I'll take your word for it on that. And I mean, aren't there normally TOs walking around anyways. Like I'm sure if the player is getting enough complaints they will be either DQed or watched closely.

  12. TOs are usually pretty busy, especially in early rounds, and definitely don't have time to referee individual matches at any tournament with more than a few entrants. As for replays, I think it would be a pretty extreme measure to review a replay for an in-game rules violation, plus it would have to be after the fact, so unless you wanted to take extreme action (i.e. ban someone from a future tournament for stalling) I'm not sure how effective it would be.

  13. I mean if you have them watch a replay and it turns out they are excessively pound stalling, can't you just make it so they lost that game or set? Idk, I feel like it's rare enough that this would be a decent solution

  14. It feels like this stuff really only matters at the top levels, and if you're playing enough that you are getting into those levels or you really care that much about the game, just spend the money and buy a good controller. Phobs are pretty good and not even that expensive. No one is going from being a bad or mediocre player to being a top-level player because they're on boxx or have a goomwave. Most of the time, if someone's better than you, it doesn't really matter what kind of controller they have, they're probably gonna beat you.

  15. They won't want that. Alot of servers make more than $20 an hour through tips.

  16. Yeah I get the sentiment from people who live in countries that don't have tipping culture or don't work in jobs that rely on tips, but a lot of people make so much fuckin money from tips because of the culture. I have friends who still work at the restaurant I worked at up till a year ago and make more than I do at a job requiring a college degree. There's benefits to not having to rely on tips, mostly consistency, but it is a huge cash cow for people that either can't or don't want to go to college. The biggest problem to me is the disparity in a places like restaurants where untipped staff ( like cooks) work hard or harder than tipped staff but make way less. Those are the workers that deserve to either be making a portion of total tips or deserve to be paid 4x the standard wage of tipped staff

  17. Based on the number of nomenclature questions posted on here it sounds like a lot of courses focus wayyy too much on teaching nomenclature. Like yeah it's useful to know the basics so you don't have to look up simple things but as far as I'm concerned as long as you can accurately convey the structure of a compound the exact minutiae doesn't really matter.

  18. 2C-Se has a selenium, don't think it was active. Assuming the chemical is stable in the body, i think the problem would be that the compounds that were active were lipophilic

  19. Oh yeah guess not. More of a metalloid but not really

  20. I think it'd be more feasible to have mescaline producing yeast or ecoli

  21. This is one of the few opinions I hold as objectively true. Like if you disagree you're just wrong, even if you dislike drugs.

  22. And I don't even use at all. It is just obvious to see that criminalizing recreational has never and will never help anyone.

  23. The key phrase was "more than drugs ever could". So many ill effects of drug use are products of the war on drugs. Why do you think all these people are overdosing on fentanyl? Because they just love fentanyl?

  24. The Sydney, Australia police department has already done your heavy lifting:

  25. I just read this paper, and idk if I'm allowed to say this because I haven't been in an organic lab in over a year but these people don't seem like super good synthetic chemists. They seemed to assume that clandestine chemists just straight up never purify intermediates in order to increase yields of the reactions, or that clandestine chemists don't use stir plates (one part said "it's more appealing because you can reach these temps on an oven). They also said that the henry condensation of nitroethane and piperonal needs to get done under an inert atmosphere? Like for what reason would that be the case. Also the fucking arrow pushing was so bad. Like they'd literally represent a protonation by taking an arrow on a hydrogen and pointing it to the atom being protonated. Maybe they're ok analytical chemists but like they're either not food synthetic chemists themselves or assume that clandestine chemists are not good chemists.

  26. Nope lmao. Worked in his lab for a year during covid and got into the same grad school with his rec and promise of being in his lab. Got canned with another student right before the semester at a school that had no other faculty in the same field (broadly speaking too, just no one else doing synthetic organic) and then got ghosted since then. He said he'd write me a letter to another university and then backed out right before apps were due. Ghosted me ever since. Funny thing is when he told me and the other student he specifically said that we didn't do anything to deserve what was happening but also treated me like I killed his dog

  27. ugh i’m so sorry that happened- hope things work out for you

  28. Where here is it important or does it mean anything to have wedged or dashed bonds? There's no chirality anywhere

  29. People become chemists for 2 reasons. They either like drugs or they like fires and explosions. I’ve never really cared about fires or explosions

  30. I have also come to know this truth. It's why I get frustrated with the attempt of universities and classes to sanitize it. Like, yes, you're going to have kids who are interested in chemistry because they like drugs and explosives. Those kids have the potential to be excellent, bona-fide researchers and chemists. Don't bore or shame them out of the subject and actually draw connections between the science and things people actually care about. I remember my ochem professor in college actually had a picture of the synthesis scheme of mdma from safrole on the cover of our gapnotes book for the second semester

  31. It is. I use a GameCube currently. Although I went undefeated in high school smash tournaments(brawn and smash4) exclusively playing with a wiimote. I kinda want to try melee with it.

  32. Oh I'll be honest, I've never really seriously played other iterations of smash I usually don't like playing them cause my introduction was melee. But imma tell you rn, if you play a lot of melee investing in a good either oem or modded controller (I just got a phob and it's great) is a godsend. This game is unbelievably technical and having a good consistent controller will help you tremendously in the long run

  33. My introduction was Brawl(hence the wiimote) I do have 2 oem gamecube controllers from the ultimate release that I somehow managed to find like a year after the very limited run of them. I might get one a modded one down the line, where is a good place to get them? google is coming up with Etsy which I assume isn’t the place.

  34. I just got mine modded on etsy with a dude named q fox. Really responsive dude and so far I'm pretty happy. The only thing is that right now I'm not playing on the most optimal set up. For the phob it tends to draw more power so the Grey usb thing in the adapter needs to be plugged in and so I needed to buy a new adapter and a USB hub, but overall it's still really good. Dude was a pleasure to do business with.

  35. Most they do in my country is pistol robbery and its fucking south America, how come u regularly get pointed at with war guns in usa lol

  36. A pistol is still a "war gun" lol. Pistols are way more implicated in violent crime including murders and robberies. "Assault weapons" (I loathe the term but its a decent catch all for ar15 like weapons) are pretty rare when it comes to crime

  37. As someone who grew up on NileRed, I came here for the real practical organic chemistry and the underlying reasons, the reason why I chose the field i'm currently studying in. I was really disappointed when I found nearly only exams here.

  38. 2(2,bromopropyl)-cyclopropene? I forget most of nomenclature

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