Chicken falls victim to undertow on Anubis

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  1. ma'am, this is the scariest moment of my life.

  2. 🅱️rees* But yeah I think everyone got the reference

  3. You don't have to skip faruzan he'll be with Wanderer. Unless you don't want him.

  4. Well technically, only npcs and traveler(and his companions) can stay in water, everything else just dies. Like the birds that fly away when they see you, if they happen to fly under the water (they do in some of the inazuma spots) they die instantly. So unless he is an npc or a traveler companion, he can't do shit underwater.

  5. there should've been a 4th panel of okuyasu (as raiden shogun) kicking him down

  6. He's surfing backwards how sick is that?

  7. Yani lord of the rings, no country for old men falan oscar alıyor, ama bu almıyor? İnsanlık gerçekten çok geride...

  8. Oh boy I gotta get the white flag Catalyst weapon

  9. Don't worry leakers have said that at AR 42 you will get ayaka for free

  10. me at AR 57: Those bastards lied to me

  11. The only sensible thing that should be running away from you is an archer or a mage so they can attack you from far away. What does a 8 meter robot snake that is designed to kill you need to be scared of a small person?

  12. My strategy against Childe is deploying all my ults at once, only to find out he moved somewhere else

  13. 🤓☝ acgthtually he has hydro resistance and lightning resistance after first phase


  15. You can't pay back what you owe with mora! ORA!

  16. if tartaglia is a murderer then the traveller is a war criminal

  17. Traveler "investigating" some guys stall

  18. Because the tartaglia is also gonna be having his re-run I thought he'd be the final boss and we'd be like "WHY ARE YOU HERE?!"



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