1. I wish. I would love to transition into a Transformer, that would be cool as hell.

  2. That's the best part about books, they can cover literally every subject.

  3. Some people just don't like to read for fun. If it's for an assignment I can read, I can read faster and with better comprehension than most people, but it's boring. I hate every second of it. It's just like any other hobby, some people like it and some people don't.

  4. It's a Civic thing, you wouldn't understand.

  5. That is literally eugenics. You do understand why killing someone because they have a mental health condition is bad, right? Not to mention how bad it is to give the government that power. Do you actually think the government can be trusted to correctly identify someone with NPD when it means they get to kill that person, even if that person has never committed a crime? Can you not see how this is an extremely bad thing for so many reasons?

  6. See thats it right there this condescending tone you have I’m not anti vax I am pro science. I’m all for vaccines that work and have been proven effective, Trumps operation warp speed was not that, and the product they gave us was never going to stop Covid. But you can’t say that or you’re kicked off YouTube. I’m not pro Russia because I think wasting billions of dollars in weapons that are going to go into the hands of Nazis who are allied with us against Nazis who aren’t allied with us is a bad proposition for the future stability of the world, and it’s a waste of tax payers dollars that could be building schools or providing us with healthcare. But you have two hyphenated phrases that you and the media rely on to censor people.

  7. I come to this sub when I'm high to see shit like this. I would kill someone to have this right now, all 5000 calories of it.

  8. I look exactly like my dad but plus a lot of cup sizes and minus about seven inches. Like people who haven't seen me since I was a baby but knew him recognize me immediately. We should start a support group or something.

  9. I love senior chis :) I also have a 15 year old and one time I had to hike a mile in flip flops back from taking him swimming with him swaddled in a towel lol. I would do that any day to see how happy it makes him. I hope we both get many more years with ours!

  10. King Charles Spaniels. They’re lovely, I’ve never met a bright one.

  11. I dogsat for two King Charles Spaniels and they didn't know where their food was if it wasn't on a Donatos plate with my hand in it. Yes, it had to be a Donatos plate. They were so sweet and cute and friendly but there was NOTHING going on upstairs.

  12. Word on the street is that convicted rapist Brock Turner lives in Dayton, Ohio. Spread the word.

  13. That rapist has also been seen in Cincinnati. He goes by Allen Turner now because he's a rapist and everyone knows his name, but I've heard he gets kicked out of bars a lot for being a rapist.

  14. She's concerned about "more deserving" special needs folks, as in herself. And herself exclusively.

  15. As someone who would probably be seen as more deserving by her (mobility impaired, vision impaired albeit mildly, chronic pain, a brain injury, PTSD, ADHD, etc) I'm sick of that shit. I want everyone who needs accommodations to get them no matter what their diagnoses are. Everyone deserves to have as close to a level playing field as possible.

  16. Unskippable Ads and Ads with fake "X"

  17. Interactive ads too. If Funimation just had normal ads I would've watched Dragon Ball there, but noooo. I had to get annoying interactive ads for stuff that I already hate and will never buy.

  18. How'd they get through nursing school? It's it an undergrad in medicine?

  19. You would be so surprised at how stupid you can be and get a nursing degree. There's so much cheating too. I changed my major because I couldn't take how many of them were antivaxx.

  20. Underworks works way better than anything else I've tried. It's the most comfortable for me too, but a lot of people don't like that they're made out of mesh.

  21. My stepbrother had a 100+ pound pitbull/mastiff mix... that dog could clear rooms. He loved cuddles too. He would look so sad when he ripped one and you didn't want to cuddle anymore!

  22. I'm not a man but I'm a butch lesbian who exclusively wears men's clothes. I dress modestly because I've been forcibly medicalized, sexualized, and objectified my entire life and it's my way of taking back control over what information people get about my body. It's also sort of religious because I feel God led me to modesty because He knew it would make me feel safer and more comfortable, so it's honoring and remembering His wisdom and kindness and love to have tried it and found it does make me feel a lot better.

  23. PA here. We have a pretty thorough inspection of what’s allowable on the road, even though neighboring states have completely eradicated these checks.

  24. Ohio here! I think some counties have smog tests but mine has nothing. One time I saw a car with the rear driver's side tire at 45 degrees. I see cars with pretty severe body damage nearly weekly, like I've seen several with a headlight or both just gone and tons missing body panels. Every day I hear brakes and belts squealing. We have laws on driving cars in unsafe condition but they're barely enforced, and a lot of people just can't afford to fix their cars. It's scary sometimes. Even if my car wouldn't pass a smog test I wish we had inspections.

  25. I paid less than $3,000 for this car and I've got another $3,000 in the bank to replace it. Don't mess with people driving beaters.

  26. There's a meme that's like "Don't road rage at me in your $60k car my car is worth $768 and I hate my life I will kill us both" and I live by that.

  27. I love first and second gens!! There's another 91 around me but it's red and not in as good of shape, I always park next to it when I can and just sit there for a minute looking at it lol. They look so friendly to me. I would love to have one some day, resisting the urge to leave an if selling please call note with the 91 I see is so hard.

  28. This has all the words in the right place but it makes no sense is this what being high feels like

  29. My first car was a 2004 Camry LE with 272k miles when she was rear ended and totaled by an idiot in an F-350 last January. She ran like new, according to my mom who bought her new when I was a baby, even with her back end smashed in. Everything major was original except the alternator, which was replaced at 270k because she'd been sitting for a year. She was a little slow and handled like a boat, but she was a beast.

  30. We also had a 2003 Camry and we junked it at 270k. That was only because it sat there for 3 years, as none of my family needed it anymore. I started ripping parts off of it for my own Camry, but after I got rid of that, the car was just too much of a hassle to get back up and running again. I wish I did, my father bought it new from the dealer. It was never a problem car, just old and neglected. It makes me super upset, but the car it was replaced with is the ES I drive now. They’re basically the same car, just a lot nicer, so I want to keep this one around as long as possible.

  31. As seems to be the fate of a lot of 5th gens. My Tank was sitting for a year before I got her for similar reasons and I see and hear of plenty others like them.

  32. Crazy how quickly the US public opinion changed on this. I pretty much grew up after this shit. It seriously blows my mind the fact you could smoke anywhere with no repercussions.

  33. My mom was a student worker at her college from 1989 to 1991 and she said she smoked at the desk where she worked. That's so wild to me having been born in 2003. I go to the same college now and the campuses are supposed to be totally tobacco free, which actually just means you go stand in the road but it's a lot better than smoking inside.

  34. The generation before it as well. My mom had an 02 civic and drove it to 320k miles before some kids rear ended her and they had to total it. Definitely could’ve gotten another 320k out of it.

  35. I have an 04 and his engine and transmission suck and this gen has a bad reputation but he will not die. He's my second car after an 04 Camry, which was an absolute beast that wasn't even slowing down at 272k miles, and he isn't her but he's great. This car is a train wreck but he lives out of spite. He reminds me of myself and also my elderly Chihuahua mix in a way. He just hit 150k miles last week and he celebrates his 19th birthday in January :) I hope I have him for as long as possible, he's a great little car and he makes me happy.

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