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  1. I just opened this sub in hopes to discuss appreciation of the storytelling but rarely anybody gives a fuck, almost every thread in the top trending ones seems to be about gay couple story. Like... Is this ALL you see in this show? If so, I really am worried about the future of the film scene, if a all a bunch of you care about is whether there's a gay couple in a show or not.

  2. For me, this episode should've been a one shot bonus episode. It didn't seem to fit the pacing of the other two episodes. Came out of nowhere. At least with shows like Lost and The Walking Dead, when they do flash backs, it's from the POV of those characters who don't just die at the end of an episode. Well, with the mentioned shows they may die eventually, but other surviving characters are still much more affected because of their interactions with now deceased characters.

  3. The last of us, at it's heart, is about people. And relationships. And about human nature in a brutal world where dying on your own terms is a luxury.

  4. Still, a whole episode to kill off two side-characters who had minimal interaction with Joel and Tess and zero with Ellie?

  5. It’s okay man, we all got our opinions. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Hit the nail on the head here, everyone is allowed their opinions. This episode seems like it's divided the audience into 10/10 or 1/10 crowds and those inbetween with any constructive critique get downvoted :/

  7. Mei is more annoying to have on my team than the enemy team. Seems like they always wall me off or put up a wall that perfectly blocks me from healing a teammate.

  8. My favourite is when team Mei protects the enemy once my team destroys their barrier. "Don't be mean, let their cooldowns reset!"

  9. Sick her cat onto a single target that then does fury swipes.

  10. I grew up in a time when we only had 4 TV channels available. If your family had money, you had access to 200 channels, but only the Sci-Fi channel had anime sometimes.

  11. Map pools in general need to get gone. It makes the game feel so repetitive playing the same maps over and over.

  12. The best is when a match or two or more gets cancelled in the first minute and then it goes, oh well, you don't get to play those map till the next rotation and you end up playing and even smaller pool of maps.

  13. I ranked Plat 4 as support and just went through the usual 7 wins (with defeats here and there obviously). I did that twice meaning I went through the 7 wins a second time and ranked Plat 4 again.

  14. flip, similar just happened to me. Was Plat 5 for 3x 7 wins, then last streak, I went from Gold 5 to Gold 2. This game is so broken.

  15. what is going on with the ranking system? I was Plat 5 for 3 win cycles, then my last win cycle, I go from Gold 5 to Gold 2. So many things stuffed up in this game.

  16. I love that you looked for the exit button where it used to be.

  17. what the helll is this matchmaking? Last 7 round update, I lost 3, maybe 4 games. Now I've lost 8 games in a row.

  18. I really miss having my tank partner. I used to play off-tank and would peel for the support, now I gotta dance between objective and peeling and because many don't use the ping system, I'm none the wiser that the backline is in trouble. I'd literally need to turn around and get nailed by the enemy just to know what's going on. If I die on the objective, I don't flame my support but watch the killcam to see where everything possibly went wrong. Sometimes it is just bad decision making from multiple parties.

  19. Just avoid her or constantly turn your back on her. I will just Shoot -> Turn -> Shoot -> Turn.

  20. If you fight her close up, it's safe to look at her feet and shoot her 🤣

  21. Is this for those times when your kid doesn't want to be in the stroller and you have to carry them in your arms? Then you just have this empty stroller which you also need to push?

  22. Last time I answered someone in the text chat, they threw the game afterwards.

  23. My favourite part of text chat is when the shittiest player flames you at the end of a match and then leaves straight after so they can't be corrected by the other 9 players.

  24. If it's licensed, contact sapphire support. They can help you out I'm sure.

  25. What the actual? It just keeps going! What is she going to do with all those body wash?

  26. Christmas gifts. I had an aunt who always had a stash of body wash in her house. Every birthday and Christmas, you were guaranteed a bottle.

  27. This has nothing to do with the hitbox. This happens because of latency, and Overwatch always favors the shooter. On the Hanzo's screen, the arrow connected, and the server corrects for that.

  28. When I use sleep darts, the game says I didn't and I still get nailed.

  29. No one zipper merges in North Carolina because no one zipper merges. It creates a feedback loop where we end up with one lane backed way up, the merge lane clear, and people fly by to slam on the brakes and cut in at the end aggressively. If everyone followed zipper merging correctly the problem would not exist, but because everyone doesn’t do it right, you end up with people blocking lanes, and if you try to properly zipper merge you get aggressively blocked.

  30. In South Africa, you can try zipper merge where it should be safe but someone says that gap is too safe, I must make it less safe. Johnny behind you wants to climb in your back seat so you can't slow down safely, so you have to sheepishly push in further up the queue.

  31. It is petty, they don't give a damn if you work 30 minutes or 1 hour more than you're supposed to, but as soon as you're late, you get the 3rd degree and a cold shoulder. At least that's been my experience in the past. Best part is rocking up a few minutes late to work and at the same time as your boss and then you're still the bad guy 🤣

  32. No but like, the point is that the mental health epidemic and the working crises where people need multiple jobs or even just regular 40 hour weeks have led to this neglect. We need to be cutting the work week, but treating people who have a responsibly to provide for another person as though they and every other employee they have are mindless robots is just compounding the problem.

  33. I wouldn't tell someone in that situation that it was their choice.

  34. Haha, no, South African. There are plenty of decent government schools, but there is an area restriction - not sure how it works in other countries, but if you want to go to a government school, you must stay in the same area unless you know someone who can pull some strings.

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