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  2. Correct, that’s how I understand it anyways. If you have let’s say a consultant/external user, they could add your company plus their company’s exchange accounts within outlook. That’s what you mean, right?

  3. That's correct! We're trying to lock it down for devices we manage. We've managed to prevent from logging in through non corporate devices quite easily using conditional access.

  4. You said: 'this is the one'. Is this solved? If so, please

  5. Solved: majinwar: the evil secret

  6. What kind of device are you going to use? And why?

  7. Planning to use the PA 440 from Palo Alto for learning and something I have left lying around.

  8. You can ask their concierge/building management to give it a crack but as others have said, you seem to be in a pickle here.

  9. Concierge would keep the AirPods after they get handed in to him.

  10. Active Directory - if recycle bin enabled, recover?

  11. I've found out when I deleted the group an external device happened to get disconnected lol

  12. I see. So you just can't find where the shares were at? Do you have GPO for drive mappings that users may get?

  13. How are you mounting your speakers like that? Is that an additional part to the monitor arms for the top monitor?

  14. No the speakers are wallmounted and have clamps that hold the speakers on both sides. The top monitor is wallmounted aswell with an extending arm.

  15. Dam all good, thanks for your help!!

  16. Dam all good, thanks for your help!!

  17. You can carry your airsoft gun in a bag or weaponbox but you have to plug off its electrical system or air comp system. But that's for in Turkey, idk about airport/plane rules. You can rent paintball areas or play in them with your gun, depends on owner. Some are cool with it, some are not. There are also airsoft areas but they are really few.

  18. Is it easy for someone who can't speak Turkish to join a public game? If so where? I found evo sports but to book you need at least 7 people 😭

  19. Disable lift to check phone and enable tap to check phone helps.

  20. Have you tried looking up similar vents manuals to see if there's a hidden release button somewhere?

  21. I've tried but no luck :( It's also a rental property so I'm a bit cautious as to what will happen if I can't put it back lol

  22. You would expect an autopilot white glove tiger lake issue st this point: i have written a whole serie about this topic.

  23. What happens if you do pre-provisioning (whiteglove)? Windows key 5 times at the initial OOBE screen, make sure Ethernet is plugged in

  24. The same thing occurs, I'll see something like this for about a minute

  25. Good idea! Does it take long to dry? Should probably have the exhaust on and windows open to make it more effective

  26. Why is your stuff dripping so much? I hang dry inside, and nothing drips onto my floor or carpet. Put it in your bathtub/shower or hang dry on the balcony. I wouldn’t worry about dripping below on the balcony.

  27. Did a clean of the bathroom recently and had a foot towel dripping which raised the question as were trying to figure out a solution haha

  28. I've managed this by literally accepting that my skin will always be shit and if I tell people that I have eczema and they still get uncomfortable about it, I don't bother pursuing a friendship/relationship with them. Fuck wasting time on people who can't accept or see who you are as a person.

  29. SAME I would love to know what it is. Always thought I had sleep issues but I been noticing I've been itching to wake up in the middle of the night

  30. Yes! As weird as it sounds I have learnt so much from putting myself through a similar shitty situation and learning everything I can during my employment right until I got totally burnt out.

  31. So I found out that with conditional access there's an option that allows you to include/exclude All guest and external users. This applies to the CSP as well. I could then restrict access via IP and various azure/o365 apps as we need to!

  32. Tell them to use Azure Lighthouse. I believe is the solution for this concern. (at least it's the WIP solution).

  33. What is the limited role access? Is it the helpdesk agent one?

  34. Genuinely curious how you pick these? Certain blogs to follow? YouTubers? Something to read? Any help to get started would be appreciated.

  35. Same! Where is the info coming from?

  36. Same! I have realised that when I procrastinate, it's more of a need to escape rather than to be entertained. Sometimes I end up doing some cleaning or any other chore lol

  37. Dunno if anyone is curious but I've asked the question here as well

  38. Nah it was a dell machine - I didn't capture the mode of it apologies

  39. To me this helps as well! Though it only reduces the itching, my skin feels amazingly smooth while I also put moisturiser all my body and face afterwards to make sure it lasts throughout the day.

  40. I might need to get a similar buffer in my script before it shows the menu. I have no clue on what's causing this. do you have any leads on what makes this happen?

  41. Ah on that note, I'm not too sure about that one sorry man

  42. No worries man. Thank you for your insights. I can probably put a timer on my script to wait a few minutes. But if I can figure out whats happening here, then I can probably skip that. In any case, If i get answers, i will reply here. Thanks again!

  43. Yeah I'd be curious to see what the answer would be

  44. Another option is you would need to write stuff in column E

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