GMERICA: SEC & BK Court Filings Reveal Carl Icahn As The Mystery Buyer & TEDDY IPO Coming

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  1. "You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Guardians!, not build them. You were to bring balance to the Triforce and Hyrule! not leave it in darkness!" Obi Wan Shiekah, probably...

  2. You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Link is now Ganon, change my mind.

  3. Love these Amazon comparisons. You know it took Amazon 14 years and several hundred billion dollars before they built the infrastructure that would make them profitable. Hell - they had revenue of $500 billion in 2022 and lost money.

  4. Why is Amazon unprofitable? There's no good reason for it. Buy stuff from suppliers, sell it for more to people who want it.

  5. It's an old business model but it works. Drive your competitors out of business because you can lose more money than them. We used to have antitrust enforcement for that kind of thing - but the SEC and the DOJ just don't have the funding or the public support for those kind of prosecutions anymore.

  6. Yeah and it's speculative too. Might simply be a malicious board continuing to fuck us after killing BBBY. One hopes not but it's still not out of the question. No white knight yet, no stalking horse revealed either.

  7. It's like the difference between any two languages in our world. Say Japanese vs English. We have more vowel and consonant sounds in English, and in Japanese the R/L is a single sound somewhere between the two letters, so when transliterating between the two you have to take certain liberties.

  8. I like your moxie, but I can’t say I’m sold on the theory. For one thing, the R in Kelsier isn’t really pronounced, so phonetically he’s closer to Kelsieh. But the main problem I see is that consonants don’t seem to get deleted in creating palindromic names. So I could buy ‘heraldizing’ him as, say, Keleseleh or Kelisileh, but I don’t see the [k] getting deleted from the beginning of the name. I could buy a [s]->[θ] change, giving you Keletheleh or Kelithileh, if we had a reason for it…but it strikes me as wildly speculative to guess at something like Kelsier -> Kelithileh -> Kelithilekar -> Thilekar -> Thidekar -> Thaidakar. Especially since we don’t have any Rosharan word ‘kar’ or ‘ar’, as far as I know.

  9. Yes it does depend on that. But we don’t have enough information here to determine whether it is or not.

  10. Are you saying people should only offer legal advice that covers the strict description of the OP and not reasonably extrapolate information not fully described?

  11. The problem is, we make things idiot proof, and the world makes better idiots.

  12. Any attempt to make something idiot proof invariably underestimates the ingenuity of idiots

  13. Purchase the company you're complaining to and keep send/receive/read logs on both ends.

  14. Is it widely known that this kinda softlocks your water temple? You can't make progress in the temple unless you initiate the cutscene of meeting that zora nerd at the bottom of the waterfall. I was confused for like half an hour not knowing what to do because I skipped the waterfall too, not on purpose.

  15. Same thing happened to me with the wind temple. I went into a Shrine and bird bro stopped following me. I made it all the way to the temple and couldn't figure anything out. I think I found all but one of the fan things but couldn't activate them or the fast travel point. I was super confused till I looked it up.

  16. Yeah it's a problem and I hope they patch it. When you use the dragon circle, even if you've broken sequence, the furry nerds should appear, rather than just flash red and leave you to explore a half-functioning dungeon all confused.

  17. There's two in South Necluda right next to each other. Bottom right corner of the map. You can fly east from Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower, or if you've been there before then Kumamayn Shrine on the floating Islands.

  18. This implies we are playing a game and that i can lose. Neither of those things are true. All I'm doing is buying and holding. And I never lose.

  19. But the TV says this is business as usual, and that you are too powerless to change it, so why even have hope?

  20. These positions can't disappear. GME is so oversold that everyone and their mom has shares with their broker.

  21. I have calls expiring this Friday. Is it possible to roll them to future dates now that we’re in OTC?

  22. It's position close only on options according to IBKR so can you even roll them? You couldn't open new ones.

  23. Implying rules will be followed. If that was case, would we be here? No one is going to pony up what one can theoretically ask for one BBBY share. If you are in this for deep justice, reconsider. Get shit for your daily needs, at best, then gtfo.

  24. We each choose our own exit strategy. Certainly nobody ever went broke taking gains, but equally nobody ever made bank accepting crumbs.

  25. Tell your neighbours that you carry a xylitol spray as self-defence against uncontrolled dogs, and they can either control it or lose it.

  26. I hope I can offer some insight into my experiences in sitar similar to this horrible situation for you. You have my upmost sympathy!!

  27. The police do seem keen to help. I had an officer contact me directly after the last incidents asking for details. I fear they have limited power unless I put pressure on.

  28. It might only be possible for Zahel because he's from Nalthis. I read somewhere that Endowment's gifts are inherently less binding, because otherwise they couldn't really be 'gifts', not that the Ghostbloods would immediately understand that though. (this might have been headcanon, i dont remember)

  29. Yeah Endowment's investiture being domain-free seems likely. Also, Zahel's mastery of commands might have something to do with it. Perhaps he can store his identity/connection in his breaths, and that being in the spiritual realm means you're not restricted in the physical realm.

  30. I really appreciate the honesty and candor. I mean the whole review could have been 2 minutes. Did you finish Jaws? Did you finish Gloomhaven? Did you enjoy them? Do you want more? Then buy this game. If you answered no to any of the prior questions, then don't.

  31. It really needs editing down. Starts the video saying I'm not going to discuss what Gloomhaven is, you're expected to know, then spends ages discussing the rules.

  32. So if I have one already, why do I need to go to that link and claim it?

  33. I just checked his post / comment history... He doesn't even post on any bobby sub? Care to elaborate?

  34. So I'm as smooth as they come, but are you saying that both gme and bbby holders will receive units of teddy? And to receive them, all you have to do is hold?

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