Boy Befriends Mama Squirrel with a Drink of Water

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  1. I just found my copy of goty oblivion for 360 and im stoked to experience stuff like this again!!!! By the way, that video is hilarious and thanks for the chuckle!

  2. Hmm, buy a gallon of organic whole milk for a regular sane price, or buy a gallon of one percent heavily pasteurized milk thats basically white water for $17,000... "Noooo! You can't build your own dairy! Now everyone is gonna see that your product is better and no one is gonna want to buy from us anymore!!!!"

  3. It will now be known as the "Papuan butt wiggler".

  4. Absoloutely can confirm. We use these with our runway and taxiway paint at the airport I work at. They are definitely slick and you'll go for a hell of a slip if someone spills them! We also use them to paint safety envelopes that box out aircraft parking at the gates.

  5. The dichotomy is appalling, on one end we have someone that is genuinely a hero and deserves to be held in the highest regard, then we have the media and fbi who drags him through the mud. Its disgusting, it really makes me wonder about society.

  6. After reading the title, I said why not, let's find out! Now I know not to attempt this, thanks video.

  7. The streamline is one of my favorite lighters to carry, very handy. Nice finds!

  8. There are squirrels that are currently squatting in my attic that I would greatly love to kick to the curb but this is just the cutest thing.

  9. I had a computer mouse that had only one red button and the ball was just uncoated steel.

  10. I'm an ARFF trained responder for my job at our local airport and there was a big thing about the old foam causing cancer. All I can say is I don't want it on my skin if possible, I wear protective gear if we have to refill the trucks with it. The idea in a crash is to make a safe egress lane for passengers and crew to safely exit the plane, in some cases that will involve laying down a protective blanket of foam to ensure that leaking jet-A fuel can't ignite. With that said, getting foam on passengers is inevitable. I just seen this incident, I hope everyone made it off the aircraft ok.

  11. The new foam they have developed does not contain PFAS/PFOA, the dangerous “forever” chemicals. If only we can get regulator approvals to remove the old stuff and replace it with the new stuff. Unfortunately current regs (at least in the states) require the PFOS/PFOA chemicals.

  12. Agreed, I think that we have to run through our old chem first then its to be replaced with the new stuff, id have to ask our chief on what the plan is.

  13. Seems like a terriblely exspensive,inefficient and wasteful way to spark a lighter. Also makes everything smell like lit fireworks.

  14. I have a german made one and its probably my favorite lighter. I used paper caps in cap guns as a kid and the smell is unmistakable, the lighter does have that nostalgic aspect for me. Its actually really reliable on the light and has the added benefit of making me laugh when someone goes to light it not expecting the snap! I was told when I bought it that it was from the late 1800s which if true would make it the oldest lighter I own, I really don't know its age though.

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