America: why are you not rioting?


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  1. It's clear you have no understanding of how the stock market works. Growth stocks are dominated by owners with illiquid, highly concentrated positions with huge tail risk. Forcing these owners to liquidate their holdings in order to pay "taxes" on unrealized gains will destroy that model and wipe out the stock market. Far, far better to let the goose keep laying those golden eggs.

  2. It’s about damn time the stock market contracted though. We can’t keep pumping billions of dollars into companies that are “too big to fail” when their stock price reduces. The stock market is not the economy, if it dips it will hurt all over but it is a necessary pain at this point.

  3. Would you rather your child end up in a hospital bed or recovering after a week? The vaccine essentially ensures that the later is your outcome.

  4. If you've got a large area and run singles it could work out really well for you. If you leave on multiple stops does it all just count as one? Pizza Hut is such a shitty company I'd imagine you're gonna get boned no matter what.

  5. No, the computer in store calculates the mileage to and from the address and adds it to a total for the delivery. So you will be compensated as if you had taken three separate deliveries. Source - I drove for Pizza Hut for a year or so

  6. What kind of fuel did those power plants use? I can imagine they closed some coal powered plants in there

  7. In my experience they tend to restock on weekends (Friday or Saturday) when they’re the busiest.

  8. As someone that works for a solar company, there are two main reasons: we can't hire people fast enough to install it, and the speed of light limits travel.

  9. Can you explain your second sentence in more detail, please?

  10. They are pheno hunting, same strain, different phenotypes.

  11. I’m sorry but I’m dumb, could you possibly explain the science behind phenotypes?

  12. I forgot to include it in my initial post with the bud 😪

  13. If your near Middletown hit me up way cheaper an stronger i got fire live resin on the low called jet fuel

  14. What the other guy said. I’m from the area and know this is better than anything I can get on the street

  15. The colors and smell are incredible on this strain. The effects are just as great tho I’ve found them getting weaker by the end of the ounce, that could just be me though.

  16. Those are all Dayton-style pizza. Thin salty crust, square cut slices.

  17. And I wouldn’t have grown up on anything else if I had the choice

  18. That design is still so freaking cool 100 years later. Art Deco is timeless.

  19. I’ve always thought “yeah I want to get involved with the revolution” but I also don’t want to die at the hands of the military police overlords. Even <3,000 people towns have militarized police forces with “riot” gear that could easily fight back any small to medium sized militia.

  20. Damn my guy, how deep is that sand you’ve stuck your head into?

  21. How do you increase green canopy in a desert without using massive amounts of water?

  22. Shhh you’re saying the quiet part out loud.

  23. All of these theories that you’re downplaying the importance of are taught and standardized in schools because the properly trained, educated, and objective scientists have conducted experiments, tests and observations that reproduce or corroborate the same result, outcome, or information.

  24. Man the mental gymnastics in this thread is simply astounding. Whatever helps you function in your piece of reality is great but once it impedes on the education and life of others who do not share that same view then it has become hostile.

  25. Can’t wait to see that second number pop up with the duck one day.

  26. I’m sorry but I feel it’s really unfair to exclude the billionaire class from this don’t they need a union too? I mean legally because money = free speech the more billionaires we help the more freedom is protected.

  27. Hey pal, just blow in from stupid town?

  28. As an Ohio state fan, I reluctantly agree

  29. I drive by SRC and Big Jesus everyday. The church never skipped a beat during the covid. They never stopped their services.

  30. As a Monroe high school graduate and a previous resident of the subdivision the ranch backs up to, I was always disgusted that they zoned the area for more shitty warehouses and parking lots.

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