1. The vast majority of the THC and such has been removed from the flower, toss it.

  2. You could build an observatory on top of one of the mountains

  3. Good point but I enjoy the process of rolling and smoking a joint. Get to taste the weed like fine wine

  4. If you want to really taste the flower try a dry herb vape

  5. I vape a bowl of herb when I wake up and then another when I get home from work lol

  6. Still only 3.5 games back from the third seed and missing arguably our best player. Have faith, grasshopper

  7. You two are both correct, we shouldn't be happy losing to the Magic but we still are still plenty alive in the playoff fight

  8. The Magic aren't a scrub team. Their record is largely a product of early season injuries. Tonight they were healthy and put us into a 22-point hole, we didn't play well, and it was too much to overcome in the 4th quarter

  9. Didn't say they were scrubs, just that it's still a game we should be able to win

  10. Not sayin JJJ deserves it over Fox, but he’s been a menace on the defensive end and has a higher overall impact on the game than Ant

  11. Ant has shown this year he's also a menace defensively, he's at 1.7 steals a game and has been guarding the other team's best wing player in the 4th quarter lately. Not saying he's at the same level as JJJ defensively but I think people don't give Ant enough credit as a two way guy, and combined with the fact that he's dragging the corpse of the Timberwolves to the 6th seed rn I think he deserves it over JJJ.

  12. I get what you’re saying, but he’s nowhere near JJJ defensively. Like not even close. He’s been amazing offensively, but like I said the grizzlies are first in defensive rating and much of that is due to JJJ’s defensive presence. He deserves some recognition.

  13. Like I said, I wasn't saying they were on the same level, just that a lot of people sleep on Ant's impact defensively. The Wolves and the Suns are the only teams in the top 10 of the west without all star representatives and the Suns is due to injury. JJJ does deserve recognition, however DPOY votes is how that recognition should be shown, not as an all star. In 2023 the Wolves are 12-5 (without KAT and various key roleplayers) and that's all because Ant has taken the leap people were wondering about at the start of the season, and I think him emerging as a superstar deserves all-star recognition.

  14. Imagine thinking you're entitled to other people's water because you wanna have a green lawn in the fucking desert...

  15. I liked BL more cause I spent most of my time in BW doing sandbox style play with mods, and BL is better with that. But I do think the campaign in BW >>>>>> BL all day.

  16. I played the LabWorks mod for the first time last night and I wanted to cry. It was like continuing the last level of Bonelabs something I wanted since day 4 when I beat it.

  17. I love LabWorks, just played the updated version with Runoff yesterday. I just wish it didn't take so long to add levels but there's no doubt its a lot of work so I get it.

  18. 5 hours is way too much imo, it's your kid but personally I'd do 2 hrs max

  19. There are plenty of paid mastering services you can use. Or if you're just really lazy you could just slap a limiter on the master and pump up the input gain until it sounds off.

  20. Paid mastering seems like a great (tho expensive) way to put out great sounding tracks.

  21. Yeah it's definitely the best option for quality but like you said it can get spendy

  22. I'm both lol I drink more than a gallon of water a day

  23. I at first thought this was asking about putting explosives in a Twins jersey and got pretty concerned lol

  24. As someone who has had the knockoffs before getting the real thing there's no substitute for a genuine mighty+, I got it 100 bucks off on sale but I would have been happy to pay full price for it.

  25. I'm usually too busy bouncing and vibing in my chair lmao

  26. The most based take on this imo is to be glad Mr. Beast helped these people but to be mad at the system for the fact that he has to do it in the first place

  27. All the tweet said was that the thing felt demonic, zero nuance or anything.

  28. Imagine how many T's we would have this season if we had KAT too lmao

  29. "get away from life" and "sit around and do nothing" aren't always mutually inclusive, lots of people smoke on walks/hikes or to do chores and many other activities. For example I would smoke with friends and we'd go play basketball every day in high school and college, Sure there's a chunk of people that smoke and do nothing and are lazy, but in my experience those people were lazy before they started smoking weed.

  30. I agree that they are no mutually inclusive. And I am aware there are people who smoke and do productive things. But, on average, people associate weed with laziness more. This is because the culture has portrayed it as such.

  31. Fair enough, I guess I misinterpreted what you were trying to say. I do disagree with where the stereotype comes from, as I think it more comes from all the years of reefer madness propaganda being internalized and put into pop culture, not from the weed community itself. I think if somehow the weed community directly controlled how weed is portrayed it would have a much different and realistic portrayal.

  32. I'd say either learning how to use parallel compression or figuring out how to make my own dubstep wubs since that opened up a whole new world of genres for me to make.

  33. 3 years in I still can't get a nice dubstep wub:( even the YouTube tutorials have a different idea about a wub is 😭

  34. What really opened it up for me was using FM synthesis, not sure if you've tried that yet tho

  35. I think the fact that the cops already have been charged helps

  36. One year later: "Why is nobody inviting me to any of their events?"

  37. Pitch a sine wave down a couple octaves and you're golden

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