Summer 2022 Transfers and Rumours Megathread!

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  1. Emre made me so happy.... despite his views

  2. That last verse especially. Still trying to listen to that without nursing a semi

  3. Honestly one of my top Turner songs. Goes so unnoticed too

  4. Nicely put together, and as one of my favourite albums I'm glad to see it get the recognition it deserves.

  5. That's not a bad shout actually. The only thing I would say is the instrumental intro at the beginning of Mirrorball is a great opener for the album as a whole.

  6. I thought exactly the same. I think the artwork and vinyl colours are great but the overall quality is very poor. I've also found mine is so tight it's really hard to fit the sleeve and vinyl back in without bending or damaging something.

  7. I was a little jealous when I saw the custard vinyls but when mine arrived I loved the contrast between the grey and yellow. Such a beautiful album.

  8. It's the only song I haven't really gelled with yet actually. I definitely don't dislike it, I just haven't clicked with it yet.

  9. Haha this interview must’ve been torture for the reporter. He basically says “I don’t know how to answer that” for the majority of the questions.

  10. To be fair to Alex, there were some questions bordering on totally irrelevant. Asking whether he liked what Harry Styles was doing and what he would've done if he'd been playing a show when the queen died.

  11. There's no right answer.... but this gets pretty close

  12. I thought the same but it's legit, they've just posted a video of it playing

  13. I’ll pass, I’d rather see them in a much smaller venue in Germany or something

  14. Won’t be going. Stinking stadium shows not for me.

  15. Any word on whether he'll be fit for tomorrow?

  16. Reading these comments, there's no right answer. Everyone's like 'x' song but Alex 'does something out of character'.

  17. It was on Radio 2 or 5 the other night while I was eating dinner (and subsequently, tearing up).

  18. Wood is far to slow for that unfortunately. I’ve been relatively pro wood but he’s been useless this year. Everything bounces off him like a trampoline.

  19. We might as well have only had 10 players on the pitch after her came on last night. Contributed absolutely nothing.

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