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  1. Not sure about it. Probably it was Sightmark.

  2. Can’t wait for this to be animated 😂

  3. We happen to even reuse and refurbished our A1 lowers for our DMRs, specifically the

  4. Do they still retain full auto fire even if there converted to a dmr setup ?

  5. I’m not entirely sure, since I never got to see one in person just yet. Might have to update this soon when I do. Sorry dude.

  6. No worries man , simply knowing that there still in service and as precision rifles is cool enough haha

  7. Dosent get more hard core this this guy lol

  8. Had to grind down that horrible stupid fucking stock with a belt sander hahaha

  9. That’s a knights riser with a utg front sight ?

  10. Iv actually seen these rifles in Baja ( first ) , there colt m16a1s with magpul ( or cheaper airsoft clones ) handguards that replace the original more fragile triangle handguard. The third looks like a retrofit of a fal handguard probably because that’s what was on hand as spare parts lol

  11. Iv herd these came commonly in 22.cal. Iv seen the shorter one at the gun shop I work at a while ago

  12. Why do I feel the sudden urge to shoot it in the mouth with every gun I own 😂

  13. This is some swat kats lever missiles lol

  14. What tri lug adapter are you using ? I’m looking for a better fitting one than the kvp one I have now

  15. I absolutely respect this madlad 👌🏼

  16. A summon that summons summons , perfect

  17. As long as the lapping rod Isint used already then it shouldn’t be a problem to keep it if you wanted to

  18. I get the feeling that castle nut is aluminum not steel so the torque specs are closer to 30-35 than the normal 40 and up

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